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The story to now....

Services developed from 1970s to 2008

With the closure of residential services for women and girls in the 1970s in Australia, other Good Shepherd services developed:  

  • Good Shepherd Youth & Family Service, Victoria

  • Rosemount Good Shepherd Youth & Family Services, Sydney

  • St Clare’s School, Perth

  • Good Shepherd Microfinance

  • Good Shepherd Trading Circle

  • Good Shepherd Aged Services, Melbourne

Good Shepherd Australia New Zealand

As part of succession planning, the Sisters established Good Shepherd Australia New Zealand in 2008 to create a formal framework for sustaining and developing the Good Shepherd mission into the future.

Motivation and core values 

At one stage of the journey, Good Shepherd leaders gathered in a workshop setting to identify the core characteristics of Mary Euphrasia. 

These characteristics guided Good Shepherd Australia New Zealand's strategy, service focus areas, research and desire for innovation.  The characteristics of Mary Euphrasia most needed in the world today were identified as:

  • Taking risks and innovating

  • Valuing practicality

  • Focusing on the individual

  • Building quality relationships with each other

  • Challenging injustice

  • Adapting and being audacious. 

Good Shepherd today

The Sisters today are passionate in their advocacy and support of women and girls experiencing social injustice and entrenched disadvantage.

Good Shepherd Australia New Zealand is part of the global Good Shepherd network, focusing on issues such as poverty, human trafficking, gender inequality and violence towards women and children.

Together with the Sisters, Good Shepherd’s employees, volunteers and supporters are all Mission Partners, working towards creating a world where every woman and girl can experience a full, safe life and be in control of her future.

Good Shepherd Australia New Zealand plays a governance role in the broader Good Shepherd network in Australia and New Zealand. Everyone in this network shares the same mission, vision, purpose and values. Collectively we are able to have a greater impact on breaking intergenerational cycles of disadvantage for women and girls.

Launch of new Website

The new Good Shepherd website was officially launched on 23 December 2020.

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The Good Shepherd Network in Australia and New Zealand

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