Clean Plate Campaign

Conserving our precious resources

“I learnt that it is everyone’s responsibility to do their part in contributing towards a nation with minimal waste and conserving resources. This event has also helped me realize that not only do humans face the impacts of climate change but animals do too!”

Solenn M. J. Basas, Exco member of NE Ambassadors **

Clean Plate Campaign

Over four days in October, our Marymount girls participated in the Clean Plate Campaign. An initiative by Food From The Heart, Singapore’s first food charity, the girls were shocked to know that food amounting to almost two bowls of rice per person, is thrown away every day. Food wastage not only reduces the lifespan of our landfill at Pulau Semakau, but also wastes the resources used in the production of food.

Pledge cards

The Primary 1-3 pupils had a colouring activity that encouraged them to pledge to finish their food and only buy just the right amount of food. The Primary 4-6 pupils designed their own pledge cards to make a commitment to reduce food waste.

Sustainability - Towards Zero Waste

Our National Education (NE) Ambassadors took charge of counting the total number of clean plates over the four days of the campaign. Students had to show their clean plates to the NE Ambassadors and receive a little sticker in return. This campaign was part of the Ambassadors’ online learning on “Sustainability – Towards Zero Waste”.

In addition, they were encouraged to finish their food or purchase only the appropriate amount of food. This has imbued in them the habit of mindful eating, and that even one small act on their part can contribute to the bigger scheme of protecting and conserving our environment. At the end of the campaign, a total of 1646 clean plates were recorded. Girls from the top two levels each received a Food Hero post-it pad.


Furthermore, members from the Science and Environment Club also helped to raise awareness about the campaign by drawing posters that were shared with the whole school.  (See poster above, by Divyaa 4P.)

More photos

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Video presentation

The NE Ambassadors then consolidated their learning through a Zero Waste video presentation, which was shared with the school on Mighty Citizens’ Day, another school-wide initiative to advocate care for our environment. There is a greater awareness and care for the environment among the girls. We trust that they are now a step closer to making a difference to the world to better their lives, as well as that of others.

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**National Education (NE) Ambassadors comprise 64 ten-year-old pupils who are from Primary Four and Five. They  are selected to helm school-wide activities that focus on National Education and Citizenship. Out of these, three are selected to form the Executive Committee (EXCO) to plan and lead projects. They are Solenn Monique Javelona Basas, Saesha Manoharan and Joy Tan Kaixin. They are the ones who put together the Zero Waste video presentation with the help of teachers. Teachers who helped to plan and execute the Clean Plate Campaign are Adeline Choo, Siti Munirah, Claudia Kiang and Evelyn Chia. We are teachers from the Character and Citizenship Education (CCE) Department. 


Submitted by

Ms Evelyn Chia

Character and Citizenship Education (CCE) Department.

Marymount Convent School, Singapore

26 Nov 2020