Good Shepherd Centre, in Singapore

Offering shelter and support

The Good Shepherd Sisters established the Good Shepherd Centre in Singapore in 1986. Throughout the years, the center has sheltered women and children fleeing from family violence, migrant domestic workers abused by their employers, and women who were trafficked for the sex trade in Singapore.


Sr. Agnes-Claire Koh in front of the Good Shepherd Sisters' main convent; public housing can be seen in the background. 


This Q & A conversation with Peter Tran is published in Global Sisters Report - A project of National Catholic Reporter, 3 November 2020


Born in Singapore to a traditional Chinese family, Agnes-Claire has been a Good Shepherd sister for 28 years. 

Resident manager of the Good Shepherd Centre, Agnes-Claire talked with Global Sisters Report about her ministry during COVID-19 lockdown and her reflection on how women who have been abused have taught her to be true to her vocation.


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[Peter Tran is assistant director of the Redemptorist Renewal Center in Tucson, Arizona.]