Good Shepherd Services, HsinChu, Taiwan

Working together cohesively for the Mission

Introducing Yi-Fang Chen

At Good Shepherd Foundation in Taiwan, Yi-Fang Chen, the writer is a state director, responsible for all Good Shepherd Services in HsinChu City District.  Yi-Fang Chen wishes to share her experience of work and introduce her mission partners to the Asia Pacific region. There are 11 area directors in Taiwan.  With the guidance of the CEO, deputy CEO, and together with two Good Shepherd Sisters, they are responsible for Good Shepherd Service mission development in Taiwan.

Personal Reflection

I had my internship through Good Shepherd Service and served as a social worker after my graduation. Through those days of work, my passion for those disadvantaged girls grew in my heart due to our group effort to search for the way of resilience to transform a traumatic life to be meaningful with dignity, as well as establish the soul in joy and peace.

Through my early serving experience, I had an episode of secondary trauma with symptoms of fatigue, helplessness and hopelessness. My soul was searching for the meaning of suffering. Eventually I encountered the abundance of God’s love. My soul was raised up and I understood how Good Shepherd core values (mercy, reconciliation, dignity, respect and zeal) are so important for our mission. Through the tough times and good times, GS mission partners have been around and working hard to enlighten the way of resilience.


Photo above shows members of the team who work in Good Shepherd Services in HsinChu City District.  Normally they are separated in their different places of work, but every 2 months they come together for training or sharing.

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Brief history of Good Shepherd Services over 24 years


Good Shepherd Services (GSS) started the first half way housing for disadvantaged teenage girls.  Currently this shelter is mainly for the residential care for young women offenders. Furthermore, due to the need for the service, GSS opened another shelter for mothers and their children who suffered from domestic violence.


One program was established for children who witnessed domestic violence. We have provided all sorts of treatment and related legal issue to protect children for secondary trauma.


We started to run a follow up program for young women who had just left the half way house and were finding it difficult to establish independent living. We provided supportive group therapy to enrich all kinds of resources as well as established website services for communication, education, and resource sharing. Moreover, we helped young parents to establish healthy relationships, parenting skills, medical resources, and related needs.


We started to promote violence prevention to the general population in our community, especially for college students. We formed the GS volunteer youth to help with violence prevention through workshops and updated GS internet services for our clients and general population.

Mission Development

Through God’s grace, our mission partners are cohesively working together which motivates us to serve our clients professionally with zeal, mercy, reconciliation, dignity, and respect. We will try our best to keep up to date with the needs of disadvantaged youth and integrate the related knowledge to our upcoming services.


Submitted by Mrs Yi-Fang Chen