Response to COVID-19 Bogor, Indonesia

Response of the Bogor community

Sister Goretti Samosir, a member of the Bogor community, describes initiatives taken in response to COVID-19 pandemic in recent weeks, including:

1. Involving people who used to pray in our chapel to act in solidarity with others during this time by distributing food and provision packages to those in need,

2. Volunteering with JKCM, the Catholic network responding to the Covid19 crisis.

3. Transforming part of our unused land into a garden to grow vegetables and plants, so as to touch the earth and be closer to nature.


Bogor community solidarity activities

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Goretti's personal reflections

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I am grateful for being a JKCM volunteer to stop Covid19 spreading. It was simple experience but also quite deep. I made a simple discernment before I decided to participate as volunteer. There were mixed feelings of concern about being brave enough to leave the community/my comfort zone while people stayed at home. My initial goal would be to help or to accompany those who are affected by Covid-19. But I was given an opportunity to serve in the logistics section.

Actually this was a simple service requiring physical strength and agility. It seemed that anyone could do it. And yet it was so meaningful for me.  With another volunteer I prepared the list order to be sent:  counting, packing/wrapping, weighing, checking the address, and the accompanying letter for many boxes of goods.  These contained medical/hospital needs and different types of masks, vitamins and tonics, safety clothes and boots for hospitals. Some had already been sent and others were being prepared to be sent to the 16 dioceses in Indonesia. My mind reached out to so many of our brothers and sisters in the regions where it was very difficult to get the essential medical/hospital tools for the many patients in need, so as to break the Covid-19 chain in their area. I was touched to be able to be part of the channel of God’s blessing for them.

My Community in Bogor and other sisters in the province of Indonesia wrote me some messages. It was a big support for me. It made me felt that what I was doing was part of the Good Shepherd concern to respond to the needs of the world today. Yes, I felt part of the Congregation's movement.

I went to Jakarta by commuter train, so I was able to experience public transportation in this pandemic time. It was a surprise, I appreciate the people as customers, seeing that the Indonesian people can also be orderly and sit on the bench that has been provided by keeping a distance. I was grateful to be reminded by Lucia and Catherine to carry a letter of assignment, showing that my journey was to fulfil necessary tasks. When I reached Jakarta I called my brother to ask if I could use his house to stay there during the service. Another surprise was that my younger siblings themselves offereded to deliver and pick up during my volunteer action. I was grateful for that as I was aware that public transportation is very rare. Numbers of transport services into the area do not operate. There are voluntary friends who aren't as fortunate as me.

For me God organizes all the best for our good intentions.

'God’s Spirit calls us to discern our response to the new needs that are constantly emerging.  

Whilst the essential content of our mission is unchanging, the outward form should be

dynamic and evolving.'

Sisters of the Good Shepherd Constitution No. 7