Brought back by popular demand!

A life of passion and courage.... 

Euphrasia - The Musical depicts the life of St Mary Euphrasia in song and dance.  It was conceptualised in 2018 in conjuction with the 150th anniversary of the feast day of St Mary Euphrasia. The intention was to make known this ordinary woman who was able to live an extraordinary life with great passion and courage. The Musical also offered an avenue to raise awareness on some of the issues in our current realities, especially human trafficking.


Brought back by popular demand!

Euphrasia -The Musical was first staged in April 2019 and played to full houses at seven shows in Kuala Lumpur, Ipoh and Kota Kinabalu.  It received rave reviews of its poignant message of sacrifice, love and commitment to the service of less fortunate members of society. 

The Good Shepherd Sisters in Malaysia could not resist the many requests received for the re-staging of the Euphrasia the Musical which was held on 22 and 23 February 2020.  Again…. It played to full houses for all three shows. 

Amongst the audience were Partners in Mission (sisters and lay) from Sri Lanka, India, Thailand, Australia, Indonesia, Korea and Singapore.


One core message

Euphrasia - The Musical only had one message to the audience – GO OUT AND DO SOMETHING GOOD!



These are some of the reviews:

St. Mary Euphrasia came alive in the Musical… it was so real that I was moved to tears. I renewed my vocation as a Good Shepherd sister.”  

“It was my third viewing on Sunday, I was still mesmerised by the Musical, enjoying every bit and still sobbed at the end…. all 3x!” 

“The performers were very good!” 

Magnificent performance – wish I had been able to bring more friends!” 

“I thoroughly enjoyed the Musical… the vocals were fantastic and loved the music!”

Congrats to the Good Shepherd Sisters for this mammoth project… may the message go far and wide and especially deep within our hearts.  Gratitude is the Memory of the Heart!”


Souvenir Programme

The Programme is a work of art in itself, showcasing the key organisers, producers and actors as well as describing the foundation of the Sisters' work in Malaysia, current ministries and partnerships.

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Euphrasia - The Musical

Revisit the staging experience of April 2019.

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