Ecological Learning Camp at Good Shepherd Farm

Rich experience at Good Shepherd Farm

What a therapeutic opportunity for the Bridgetines! Last October 11 to 12, 2019, a one of a kind, outstanding and environment-friendly event was held at the Good Shepherd Farm in Sariaya, Quezon. It was the farthest the St. Bridget School Quezon City (SBSQC) students have travelled to for an extra-curricular event. Forty six (46) Bridgetines from Grades 11 and 12 of the STEM Strand and all officers of the Council of Student Officers (CSO) of the Junior High School Department, accompanied by three teachers, experienced this camping activity. It was an amazing two-day experience that not only brought us to a whole new and different ambiance but also taught us how to live a simple yet fulfilling life.


An Ecological Learning Camp

This camping activity introduced Bridgetines to the beauty of nature and agriculture. Senior High school students from a fellow school called Papatahan Integrated National High School from Paete, Laguna joined our camping trip and taught us what they do as an Agricultural strand in the Senior High School. Bridgetines were surprised by how these SHS students taught them how to make organic fertilizers beneficial for plants. The RGS farm manager and all the RGS sisters involved also discussed both Sustainable Organic Upland Practical (SOUP) Farming and the Hydroponics system that they practice within the RGS farm. This camp was definitely an Ecological Learning Camp that opens us to a variety of agricultural alternatives that are 100% environmental friendly practices in which we could use these practices to our own. 

Invitation to a more simple way of life

The Ecological Learning Camp was not only for educational purposes but also to refresh every Bridgetine’s mind into a more peaceful and simpler way of life. When they arrived from a long journey from Quezon City, three lovely and wonderful RGS sisters namely: Sr. Anya, Sr. Ailyn, and Sr. Lita (members of the Ministry Team of the Province) and the farm staff wholeheartedly welcomed the students. They were each offered a coconut to freely drink from and food like kamote and bananas were instantly prepared for them.

Connecting around a campfire

As the day went by, both students from SBSQC and Papatahan had interacted with each other and even knew each other’s names. In this Ecological Learning camp, Bridgetines learned how to openly talk to people they have never talked to before. Everyone was friendly, inclusive as one and open to each and every person in the camp. It had such a refreshing feeling to have talked to people we have never interacted with before. In the evening, an amazing campfire was put up as we all were asked to sit beside people we didn’t know before. This campfire brought us all together with joy and freedom that each one of us will forever treasure.

A Cosmic Walk

On the last day of camp, we started our morning with coffee and then had the Cosmic walk around the Farm. As Catholics, we are to thank God for the graces and blessings of nature given to us. As we have experienced this one of a kind activity, from the bottom of our hearts, we are to thank our Lord God for all these. This Ecological Learning Camp activity marked our lives as we go on to our individual journeys.

Some rich learnings

This has taught us to breathe in, as we face the upcoming challenges ahead of us in this life. Hopefully, this extracurricular activity would be repeated with more and more students involved. This has taught each and every Bridgetine to take the opportunity to influence the world of these Agricultural practices, love for our common home and all the values that go with it. As Bridgetines, we stand as one to teach other people and protect our home, God's creation.

More photos

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Written by:

Caryl Medrano

Grade 11 STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics) student

St. Bridget School, Quezon City