Sisters skip 150th anniversary celebrations

Responding to a national crisis

When hundreds of people died and were injured in bomb blasts on 21 April, 2019, Easter Sunday, the sisters were in the final stages of preparing to celebrate the 150th anniversary of their foundation in Sri Lanka.  Instead of the planned events, they limited their celebrations to prayer meetings in their communities, and disbursed the money saved as scholarships for children who survived the blasts.

This story is featured in Global Sisters Report, A project of National Catholic Reporter, 31 October 2019 and it describes the response of the sisters to the tragic events of 21 April. 

Mr Thomas Scaria's article includes an overview of the ministry of the sisters in Sri Lanka. 


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Photo above

Good Shepherd centre in Nayakakanda, on the northern outskirts of Colombo.

Photograph acknowledgment:  Thomas Scaria