Learning English in an International Community

An immersive and rich environment

A group of eight Good Shepherd Sisters arrived in Singapore on 27 July 2019 to participate in the “Learn English in an International Community”program, held from 28 July to 25 August 2019. Four were from Sri Lanka, one from Pakistan and three from Vietnam.  All were warmly welcomed to Restful Waters by Sr Lucy Chia and Ms Melina Ong. 



Sisters Faustina Nguyen, Bernadette Nguyen and Patricia Bui (Vietnam), Saima Preetum (Pakistan), Sumithra Eliyaspillai, Veronica John, Rose De Leema and Nilmini Perera (Sri Lanka).


Partners-in-Mission in the Province of Singapore-Malaysia:  Ms Agnes Yeo, Ms Joan D’Cotta, Ms Jane Marie Ng, Ms Kuang Ser Yee, Ms Cecilia Ee, Ms Morene Sim, Ms Agnes Ee, Ms Cecilia Lim, Ms Susanna Chan, Ms Wu Siew Mei, Ms Michelle Anne Koh, Mr Nick Jarvis Tan and Sisters Lucy Chia and Helena Vytialingam.

Comprehensive description and photos

Click here - My Learning Experience in Singapore, by Sr Saima Preetum, Pakistan



The 4-week holistic programme’s primary objective is learning English in an immersive environment. 

Other objectives included offering participants a broad spectrum of experiences and learning such as community living in an international community, building relationships, understanding of the different cultures, witnessing Good Shepherd partnership in action, creative prayer, knowing self and others by understanding the personal coping stances, and deepening of Good Shepherd spirituality. 

Secondary objectives are aimed at introducing the evolution story, cosmology, as well as data gathering and documentation practices. 

The programme culminated with each participant giving a presentation on a project they plan to carry out in their country and the support needed. 

Through the programme, participants acquired both hard and soft skills necessary to be more effective in mission.

Visiting local Ministries

The group visited and were inspired by local Good Shepherd ministries, and enjoyed other diverse and interesting outings.  They were encouraged to experience how in Singapore people of different race and religion live harmoniously with one another, respecting each other’s culture and religion.

Many social and cultural experiences

On some days the group went out for dinner to have a taste of the local foods. But the most heart-warming thing was that Sr. Lucy cooked delicious food at Restful Waters every day and her cooking was done with lots of love.

“Through our one-month experience of living together – praying, learning, studying, eating, outings together, we bonded as a family, a Good Shepherd family.   We supported and encouraged each other especially in times of struggle.  We celebrated each other’s joys and achievements.  This experience has helped us to realise our similarities and differences.  There is a wealth of knowledge and talent that each one possesses.  Coming together in this experiential journey of learning, we have come to better understand our internationality as Good Shepherd Sisters and appreciate even more the heritage which Mother Foundress had passed down to us.   (Sister Faustina Nguyen)

Hearts full of gratitude

At the end of this journey,

my heart was full of gratitude to my Shepherd Lord

who gave me this opportunity to visit Singapore.


Submitted by Sr Mary Saima Preetum - Pakistan