The Art of Skilled Facilitation in Sri Lanka

An excellent learning experience

The Art of Skilled Facilitation Workshop conducted by Ms Paula Sgherza was held in Sri Lanka from 2 - 11 August 2019.  This Workshop provided an opportunity for 20 sisters to learn, plan, guide and manage group events, to ensure that groups’ goals and objectives are met effectively with clear thinking and good participation.



1st Row from left

Srs. Rose Mary, Roshanthi Ranwatta, Ranjani Fonseka, Martina Fernando, Remona Nugera, Deepthika Fernando, Ms Paula Sgherza, Srs. Ayola Corera, Francine Muthugala, Theresa Perera, Susila Thomas, Madonna Wimaladasa.

2nd Row from left

Mr Jamie Sgherza, Srs. Margeret Jabamalai, Anita Fernando, Selvasothy Emmanuelpillai, Prisca Perera, Prasangika Fernando, Shyamali Fernando, Imalka Fonseka, Nilani Silva, Rosary Perera.

The learnings

In many types of group situations good facilitation makes the difference between success and failure. During this Workshop twenty of us learnt a wider range of skills and tools on facilitating groups. It showed a way forward to focus purely on the process of facilitation, assessing the needs of the learners, designing the activities etc. It showed us that discussions will get the best from all members and bring the event through to a successful conclusion.

Creative processes

It also provided an opportunity for an exchange of views. Lots of brilliant ideas and creativities were flying during the practice sessions and each sister did actively participate as they gave their presentations in pairs. Their presentations on facilitation were of high quality. We gained confidence in applying the skills.

Impressive presentation style

Paula and Jamie were excellent instructors. Their presentation style was impressive and their teachings on facilitation were inspiring, informative, and creative. We appreciate the guidance provided during the preparation for the presentations according to the Goals and Objectives of nine different groups. Everyone who participated learnt much about how to design group facilitation. The feedback from the sisters indicated that the objectives of the workshop were largely realized. It is one of the best workshops we’ve attended.

Skills for current context in Sri Lanka

The learning of facilitating skills is a great need at present in our Sri Lankan Context. However, the opportunities for learning such skills in Sri Lanka are limited.

Grateful hearts

We thank Paula, Jamie and especially Sr. Francine, the Province Leader of Sri Lanka/Pakistan, for organizing such a rare Workshop for us.  God bless them all!

More photos

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Submitted by Sr Ayola Corera