Growing Corn for a Cause, in Malaysia

Preventing sexual and gender-based violence

Good Shepherd Services, under the leadership of Executive Director Chin Poh Choo, offers agricultural and entrepreneurial opportunities to 8 women from Kampung Batu Lunguyan, Sabah, as well as directing a share of the profits to a program for protection of children. 

The name of the enterprise is Wirawati Enterprise Batu Lunguyan (WEBL)

Wariwati translated into English means Heroines


Back L to R:  Village Head Yusof Indolongou,  Executive Director of Good Shepherd Services Chin Poh Choo.

Front 3rd from L:  Village Community Management Council Chairperson Jovina Niang.

Front 5th from L: Daisy Stanis, WEBL Chairperson.  With members and Good Shepherd Services staff.

WEBL's hope

To expand its facilities and services as well as to develop an entrepreneurial hub that supports the economic empowerment of women in the rural villages of Sabah.

Article published in Daily Express, Sabah News: Thursday, August 29, 2019

KENINGAU: Eight women from Kg Batu Lunguyan here have decided to fight sexual and gender-based violence (SGBV) by growing corn for chicken feed and using the money for protecting children and women.

Wirawati Enterprise Batu Lunguyan (WEBL) comprising housewives and farmers will be cultivating corn for chicken feed as a way of generating the funds.

WEBL Chairperson Daisy Stanis, 43, said the recent setting up of a corn milling centre (CMC) in Kg Batu Lunguyan will provide the women with an alternative source of income.

“However, our main objective is still to empower women to advocate against SGBV and protect children in the process.

“We will be channelling some of the funds towards the welfare and education of children in need,” said the mother-of-six.

Daisy thanked Good Shepherd Services (GSS) for providing the group with agricultural and entrepreneurial opportunities.

Meanwhile, GSS Executive Director Chin Poh Choo said 20pc of the profits generated from this initiative will be directed to a common community fund for the protection of children.

She expressed hope that the CMC can expand its facilities and services in the near future as well as be developed to become an entrepreneurial hub that supports the economic empowerment of women in Sabah’s rural villages.

The members of WEBL were originally part of the joint-action committee for the protection of children set up in 2015, comprising women from Kg Delayan Baru, Kg Pau, Kg Tulid, Kg Batu Lunguyang and Kg Kiulu Baru.

Between 2015 and 2017, GSS provided capacity building and training sessions for the women on child protection including the “Keeping Me Safe” modules.

A number of the women were trained as Trainers and continued conducting sessions with the primary school in their communities.

Conducting training in schools incurred expenses which the women had to fork out on their own. Hence eventually the awareness session tapered off.

The corn cultivation project aims to circumvent the middlemen and produce the corn millets at much lower prices, which will benefit the community as almost all households rear chicken.

The corn milling machines were sponsored by National Women Entrepreneurs of Malaysia.

Rejoicing with all the 'Wirawati' heroines involved in WEBL!