Tackling national issues in Philippines

Analysis working towards common understanding 

WJPIC tackles current Philippine issues in Link Persons session


Representatives from the Religious of the Good Shepherd (RGS) ministries share update from each ministry on delivery of services. The thrust of WJPIC is to come up with concerted efforts and quick responses amidst prevailing issues of society.


Participants pose for a photo:

Back row L-R:  Sr. Ailyn Binco, Sr. Lily Sorop, Sr. Zeny Pineda, Sr. Rosario Battung, Sr. Minela Alvarez, Sr. Lydia Ebora, Sr. Franz Blando, Sr. Evelyn Coronel, Sr. Regina Kuizon (Province Leader), Sr. Diane Cabasagan.

Front Row L-R: Ms. Mari Jo Li, Mrs. Rosalie Aguila, Sr. Anya Borbon.


Addressing structural roots of poverty and injustice

The Religious Good Shepherd Philippines-Japan Province – Link Persons on Women, Justice, Peace and Integrity of Creation (WJPIC) conducted a one-day thematic discussion meeting last August 11, 2019, at Rosary Hall, Good Shepherd Convent, Quezon City. WJPIC is a transformative approach that addresses the structural roots of poverty and injustice with specific focus on gender inequality, violence, environmental destruction, among others. It is done on the regular basis to create common understanding and analysis of the present socio-economic and political situation for common and collective responses.


Three major issues of national importance

Three (3) major issues of national importance were discussed:

  • “Defend Negros”

  • Climate Change 

  • May 31 national polls.

Defend Negros updated participants on the gravity of human rights violations related to the growing dissent among farmers on unfair land cultivation and distribution. These are further aggravated by the senseless killings and incarceration of leaders. Locals and supporters fight back these oppressive moves that now caused conflict in the area. WJPIC likewise looked back on national local polls, said to be riddled with electoral fraud, now strengthen plans of the administration to push for Charter Change (Cha-Cha) in the 1987 Philippine Constitution. 


Summary of achievements, programs, future activities

The activity was capped off with the presentation of accomplishments, plans, programs, and upcoming activities of the WJPIC.


Gathering in Davao, Southern Philippines 

Similar gathering was held in Davao, Southern Philippines for Mindanao WJPIC Link Persons, July 30, 2019.


Article by Maria Congee Gomez,

SMEIDFI Advocacy Officer