GSAP Integration Committee meets

Crossing the threshold

The Good Shepherd Asia Pacific Integration Committee met in Madonna Heights, Kuala Lumpur from 12-16 July 2019.  Their work was facilitated by Paula and Jaime Sgherza, and the group dared to envision the emerging future of the region.  They drew inspiration from nature.  They used Theory U as the tool for innovation and invite each of us to be part of the Community of Practice:  Theory U online course which begins on 12 September.   Let us seize the moment.  Carp Diem!


The Photo

As the Bodhi Tree is to Enlightenment for Buddha, so is the Pine Tree at Madonna Heights, sharing its space with so many other species and cradling a loving bird and her babies, to this group of seekers.

Standing left to right:  Ms Paula Sgherza, Mrs Sashirekha Natarajan, Ms Gendrie Klein-Breteler, Mr Jaime Sgherza, Sr Joan Lopez, Sr Chatarina Supatmyati.

Sitting left to right:  Ms Theresa Symons, Sr Niluka Perera, Sr Melania Jung.

Rich description of the process, and more photos

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Good Shepherd Asia Pacific Integration Committee meets in Kuala Lumpur


Daring to lead with uncertainty!

Did St. John Eudes and St. Mary Euphrasia learn any theory to become radical leaders of their time? We are indeed blessed to belong to a lineage of visionaries who responded proactively and allowed the fire in them to become a movement!


Though old stars may burn out and die, look to new horizons and even beyond”


St. Mary Euphrasia


The Invitation!

Carpe Diem – Seize the moment

The time is now and here is an opportunity for each one of you to be part of the Community of Practice: Theory U online course. It’s really simple:

  • The on-line course begins on 12 Sept 2019.

  • It’s a 90 min commitment per week for 3 months.

  • The course is free if you do it by ‘audit’ or you can pay to get a certificate (only if you wish).

  • To register and enroll go on-line:

 http s://www. edx. org/c ourse/ulab -leading-cha nge-in-times-of-


  • So we can support and encourage each other through the learning we have set up a Community of Practice group on Whatsapp: GS Theory U.

  • Please register to become a COP member with

 chatarina. supatmiyati@gssweb. org


We are happy to share that many enthusiastic learners in Good Shepherd Asia Pacific and across the Congregation have signed up for the e-learning program.

The microcosm is on its journey towards building the Good Shepherd eco-system of inspired change-makers!


 Submitted by Sashirekha Natarajan