Faith Based Organizations working together

Launch of United Referral System among FBOs

Twenty six (26) people from seventeen (17) different faith-based organizations (FBOs) in Metro Manila participated in the first of two-day workshop titled, “First Consultative Workshop on the Unified Referral System among FBOs” held at the Rosary Hall of the Good Shepherd Convent, Quezon City, Philippines on 07 June 2019 organized by St. Mary Euphrasia Integrated Development Foundation (SMEIDFI).


Participants in workshop above.

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Workshop objective

The general objective of the workshop was geared to develop a unified referral system and protection mechanisms among FBOs to streamline and strengthen the delivery of services for victims and survivors of violence against women and children (VAWC). It specifically seeks to establish the minimum standards of care among FBOs; raise awareness on how carers can be taken care of; and create an initial resource map to guide the directory-creation process.

Participative organizations 

  • Augustinian Missionaries of the Philippines

  • Association of Major Religious Superiors of the Philippines (AMRSP) Office for Women and Gender Concerns

  • Tahanan Mapagkalinga ni Madre Rita

  • Fight4Freedom

  • First Love International Ministries

  • International Justice Mission

  • Jeremiah 33:6-7 Foundation

  • Onesimo Bulilit Foundation

  • Philippine Children's Ministries Network

  • Preda Foundation

  • Safe Refuge Philippines International

  • Samaritana Transformation Ministries

  • She WORKS - Made in Hope

  • Tahanang Paghubog ni Mother Bonifacia

  • Talitha Kum Philippines

  • Vedruna Foundation

  • Women's Care Center

The United Referral System

Aptly called the United Referral SystemSMEIDFI is creating 'an initial resource map to guide the directory-creation process.' It is a campaign form to strengthen women and girls who are survivors and at-risk of exploitation. The Referral System is intended to augment government-led efforts in ensuring safety of women and girls. It is a bold move to collaborate with private groups, which are spearheading the safety VAWC network. The creation of FBOs Referral System is FBO’s part in contributing to the agility of the VAWC campaign. 

Second stage of workshop

The workshop held a second part on June 21, 2019 with a Memorandum of UnderstandingDirectory and Commitment signed that will concretely strengthen the VAWC campaign.

Within the context of a 12 month project

The workshop is part of the series of consultative efforts of SMEIDFI under the 12-month project “Strengthening Campaign on Protection of Women and Girls Who Are Survivors and At-Risk of Exploitation 2”, a continuing partnership of SMEIDFI with World Women Day of Prayer – German Committee (WWDP) which started in 2017 that gathers best practices to influence local movements to fight the stigma of VAWC and reduce the demand for trafficking in persons.