Facilitation - A Way of Life

We are part of a movement

We are part of a movement in Good Shepherd Asia Pacific

A movement which is changing the way we do what we do,

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Art of Skilled Facilitation workshop

The Art of Skilled Facilitation workshop, led by Paula Sgherza, was attended by 17 Good Shepherd Mission Partners at Madonna Heights in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia from 20 to 28 May 2019. It was a time of strengthening and celebrating co-responsibility for mission, with the joyous partnership of mission partners from the provinces of East Asia, North East Asia, Central East India/ Nepal and Malaysia-Singapore.


Left to right - standing

Sr. Helena (Singapore-Malaysia) , Sr. Mercy George (CE India/Nepal), Sr. Michelle Lopez (East Asia), Sr. Mariam Kulangara (CE India/Nepal), Sr. Bernadette (North East Asia),  Paula (Australia), Chin Poh Choo (Singapore-Malaysia), Karen (Singapore-Malaysia), Jamie (Australia), Willa Mowe (Singapore-Malaysia), Sr. Del Kang (Singapore-Malaysia)

Left to right - sitting

Beatrice (Singapore-Malaysia), Sashirekha Natarajan (CE India/Nepal), Sr. Sutisa Utalun (East Asia), Sr. Virginia Kim (North East Asia), Sr. Jossie (Singapore-Malaysia), Sr. Sandra (Singapore-Malaysia), Kalai and Margaret (Singapore-Malaysia)

Radical way of being

Facilitation is a way of life – an aspect of leadership which is invaluable for building animated, proactive, life-giving communities as well as a vibrant generative society. Good Shepherd Asia Pacific Circle has made commendable effort to empower its people to equip themselves as skilled facilitators who can simplify adult learning in an experiential manner.

Feel, See, Do, Experience

Every participant was invited to ‘feel, observe, act and experience’ one’s own style of learning and discover the characteristics which enabled/ inhibited learning. It was a ‘light bulb’ moment to discover why I love to reflect so much whilst my friend loves to try it out and yet another observes, plans methodically and then takes the next step.

It’s all about Participation

There was a sense of spiritual camaraderie and fellowship as the days unfurled with a gentle flow of experiences – each activity being so well designed to build relationships as eight teams worked with mutuality and respect to practice all the skills of facilitation imparted to them. The group presentations were innovative, creative, and had many takeaways for the whole group.

Let’s create

Creativity is God’s gift to us; using our creativity is our gift to God. All the participants were gently guided to expand their creative vision of themselves, explore their potential and stretch their creative imagination. The emboldened participants discovered the power of creativity to embellish learning.

New pathways

Many new beginnings were accorded: the cementing of beautiful relationships across the region, forging of new opportunities to co-facilitate for different groups on a multitude of topics, a treasure chest of creative ideas and above all, host leaders who are fired up to lead Good Shepherd to new heights.

Indeed, Saint Mary Euphrasia will be pleased!

In gratitude

Thank you, dear Paula and Jamie for opening new doors for us!

More photos

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Submitted by Mrs Sashirekha Natarajan