Grant Proposal Writing Workshop, in Singapore

Revival of my spirit....

This programme organised by Good Shepherd Convent Restful Waters in Singapore from 10-25 March, 2019 aimed to equip participants with the skills to plan and write effective grant proposals, and so much may be better described as a holistic Leadership Programme



Seated: Sr Monica Kujur (CEIN), Standing from left: Sr Madhalai Vinnarasi (CEIN), Sr Theresia Anita Yuniastuti (Indonesia), Sr Jennifer Fernando (Sri Lanka), Sr Faustina Nguyen (Vietnam), Sr Rita Lorenco Luis (Angola), Sr Josephine Daniel (Pakistan), Sr Anthoniammal Soosaiappan (CEIN), Ms Martha Hesty (Indonesia), Standing at the back from left are Sr Magdalen Bui (Vietnam) and Ms Rodelia Albotra (Trainer, Grant Proposal Writing, Monitoring & Evaluation).

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'Revival of my Spirit at Restful Waters' by Sister Monica Kujur

The Training Workshops


Primary Objectives

To teach and en-skill participants to:

  • plan and write effective grant proposals;

  • present with impact;

  • be a better leader;

  • understand oneself and others better; and

  • effectively monitor and evaluate projects.

Other Objectives

Other objectives included offering participants a broad spectrum of experiences and learning, such as community living in an international setting, building relationships, understanding and appreciating different cultures, and witnessing Good Shepherd partnership in action.

Participant presentations

The programme culminated with each participant giving a presentation on a project they plan to carry out in their country and the support needed.  It was a source of joy and gratitude that some projects found sponsors following the presentations.

Through the programme, participants acquired both hard and soft skills necessary to be more effective in mission.

Summary submitted by Ms Melina Ong, Restful Waters


Monica Kujur's Reflection concludes:

I am grateful to my Province Leader Sr Sabina Pathrose and her team who gave me this opportunity to come to Singapore for the training. I am also thankful to the Organizing Committee, especially Sr. Lucy and Melina, who journeyed with us from the beginning of the session to the end. Their accompaniment will be remembered in my life’s journey. My heartfelt thanks go to all my friends, the co-learners, who contributed towards my growth and enriched me through their sharing.

On the whole, this session has revived my Spirit.  The faith sharing of the trainers and trainees has made a great impact in my spiritual life. The sessions equipped me with knowledge and skills to be efficient and effective in my mission and to live for the glory of God.