GS Asia Pacific Integration Committee meets

Creating a new pathway…….

The GSAPIC held its second meeting at Good Shepherd Place, Singapore from 15-17 March 2019.  This brief description gives a flavour of their work together, and more information will be available after their plans are considered by the APC at its April meeting. 



Joan Lopez, Chatarina Supatmiyati, Melania Jung, Sashirekha Natarajan, Theresa Symons, Gendrie Klein-Breteler.  Apology from Niluka Perera.  Anne Dalton facilitated the meetings.


Inspiration from St John Eudes - 1661, France

‘Never before have we had

and perhaps never again shall we have, such an opportunity.

Let us not allow it to pass, therefore,

without making the best use of it.’


Enthused by the prophetic message from St. John Eudes, the GS Asia Pacific Integration Committee (APIC) reflected together and explored various aspects of Integration – with self and with the community, recalling and holding the reality of the units, yet optimising the opportunity of making the Good Shepherd Mission more relevant and effective in the Asia Pacific region.


Developing a framework in deep listening and dialogue

The APIC sifted and sorted the components of Integration i.e. Justice and Peace, Spirituality and Good Practices in ministry. They devoted valuable time and dialogued on lived experiences and wisdom to view and review the plausible desirable outcomes of Integration. All agreed that the enablers for Integration are Formation and Partnership in Mission.

The result of this deep listening to each other led the conceptualisation of an aspirational Mission Statement, an Integration Framework and Implementation Tool which will be submitted to the Asia Pacific Circle for endorsement at their next meeting in Yangon on 30 April 2019. We look forward to sharing more details on how this Integration Framework will unfold in the coming months.


An Invitation

“This is an invitation to step out of the known, to LET GO, to make small steps into the unknown, to uphold each other, to cross over into something new, to discover the newness beyond – and then to look back and enjoy the new pathway which has been opened by our Good Shepherd!”


First meeting of GSAPIC 2018

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