Good Shepherd Mission Partners meet in Indonesia

A renewed focus and strong zeal

Good Shepherd Mission Partners in Batam held a capacity building meeting on 10-12 August 2018 as part of restructuring ministry in the Province of Indonesia and renewal agreement with Pangkal Pinang Diocese.  The meeting also reviewed the ministry in Batam and considered the next stage of the Province strategic plan. 



Standing (left to right):  Sr. Chatarina Wahyu, Sr. Fransiska Prantianti, Rev. Lusius Nimu SSCC, Mrs. Antonia K. Tampubolon, Mrs. Elisabeth E. Hutapea, Mrs. Agnes Abeng, Mrs. Mariana Tantiana Yosefa, Mrs. Elisa Aruan, Sr. Chatarina Supatmiyati, Sr. Caecilia Supriyati, Sr. Tasiana, Mrs. Agatha Suwarno, Mr. Suwarno. 

Kneeling (left to right):  Ms. Maria Angelina, Sr. Magdalena Rini, Mrs. Riwanti Situmorang, Ms. Lusia Supriawati, Mrs. Sesilia Damanik, Sr. M. Yasinta, Ms. Willa Mowe, Mrs. Linda Maratau.



Batam is a small island in Indonesia that is very strategically located, bordering with Singapore and Malaysia. As a strategic island, Batam has attracted many people from various regions in Indonesia seeking employment.

Reflecting upon GS mission in Batam

In responding to the current situation, Good Shepherd Mission Partners in Batam reflected again upon the Good Shepherd mission started there in August 2003.  It has been a long and challenging journey - fifteen years working on anti-human trafficking and developing the Good Shepherd Learning Centre for children as a prevention programme.  Driven by the Holy Spirit, Good Shepherd mission partners in Batam started to process and re-explore past experiences to find a new light –what more does God want from Good Shepherd mission in Batam?

Facilitators and participants

Facilitated by Ms Theresa Symons (Regional Manager MDO Asia Pacific) and Ms Willa Mowe (mission partner from Province of Singapore/Malaysia), this capacity building session for lay mission partners in Batam was attended by seven Good Shepherd sisters, thirteen lay Mission Partners and one SSCC priest. 

Creating a sacred space

The meeting began with mutual agreement to create a sacred space.

Clarifying the Mission in Batam

Through problem tree analysis, Theresa and Willa led the group to go deeper to find the core issue of mission in Batam.  A session about human trafficking deepened participants’ understanding about it.  They were also invited to reflect and focus more on the mission with the children in Good Shepherd Learning Centre.

Mission partners in Batam agreed that they will focus more on the Good Shepherd Learning Centre as a form of Human Trafficking Prevention in Batam. Through a process of discussion they clarified many important things to enable the development of a prevention programme of anti-human trafficking.  Three days of process was not easy, as the participants had to struggle to identify the core focus of mission in Batam.  With enthusiasm, Theresa and Willa continued to patiently accompany the participants so that they were able to formulate the main focus of mission in Batam.

Moved by the Spirit of God together they agreed that the main issue in the mission is ‘The high level of vulnerability caused by violence against women and children’ in Batam.

An extraordinary meeting

What an extraordinary meeting! Every person during this meeting dared to voice the truth they had.  “We are all very grateful that in this meeting we got new insights and our zeal burned. Through this meeting we learned to share ideas and take responsibility in carry out the meeting, respect and support each other in the process” was expressed by our lay mission partners. Our grateful thanks to Theresa Symons and Willa Mowe who continued to share their recources, and who patiently accompanied participants and led the process.  

Hope for the future

Our hope for the future is that many people will receive benefit from Good Shepherd mission in Batam, especially women and children who are vulnerable and being exploited.

More photos

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Submitted by Lusia Supriawati

(A lay mission partner in Batam)