Strengthening Good Shepherd mission in Nepal

More effective support to programs


Nepal still remains one of the world’s poorest countries.  Its economic, social and environmental conditions have become extremely fragile in the wake of the 2015 massive earthquake and the widespread damaging floods and landslides that occurred last year.

Opportunity Village

Good Shepherd sisters’ Opportunity Village, in operation since 1998, continues to help Nepalese responding to the local community’s basic needs by providing health, education and vocational services, protecting most vulnerable women, girls and children and preventing them from being trafficked and at risk of exploitation.

Good Shepherd International Foundation

After collaborating over the years with the Good Shepherd sisters in their work in human trafficking prevention and child protection, the Good Shepherd International Foundation (GSIF) established a local branch based in Kathmandu in April 2018.

The new branch GSIF Nepal will be able to offer more effective support to the Good Shepherd programs through capacity building and organizational development activities, to strengthen the Good Shepherd mission in Nepal.

Networking with other NGOs

In addition to continuing to work in cooperation with local mission partners and other leader NGOs operating in the area to implement Good Shepherd programs, GSIF Nepal will aim to develop and consolidate the network with other non-profit organizations for research activities in Anti-Human trafficking strategies and advocacy for human rights in the Nepalese society.