Rose Bakery in CE India

Congratulations to Rose Bakery!

The Project

Rose Bakery is an economic inclusion project of the Province of Central East India Nepal for Adivasi young women under its Adolescent Girl Child Program.  The bakery, started in 2016, is located in Garratola, Mahdya Pradesh, India.  Rose Bakery has the capacity to train a maximum of 20 program participants in one cohort.

More photos

Click here for more photos, including of the delicious looking breads and snacks produced by Rose Bakery


Adivasis, (also referred to as Tribal or Scheduled Tribes) are spread across the central, northeast, and southern regions of India. Along with being geographically and socially isolated, the Adivasi groups have historically been politically under-represented. Their regions of residence also have been economically under-developed.

The Grand Opening

Rose Bakery set up a small stall which will be operated by the program participants themselves.  This stall is strategically located by the busy Garratola Road and is about 500 metres away from Rose Bakery.  It will open from 9am to 5pm Mondays to Fridays.

The operations of this stall are part of its training to equip the program participants with entrepreneurial skills.

On Saturday, 23 June 2018, a simple and meaningful inauguration ceremony was held to officially open the stall. This ceremony was attended by the program participants, Good Shepherd sisters, mission partners and friends in Garratola.