Community Based Child Protection programmes in Tea Estates

A dream becomes real

For many years Good Shepherd Sisters worked hard to provide opportunities to uplift the lives of the people in the Tea Estates. In 2017 a different approach was begun, which extended the Good Shepherd service, and introduced different aspects, in the Walawe and Waleboda Estates in Balangoda and Hallina Estate in Kahawatta.  In 2019 a video was produced, showing the development of services to the children and their parents.


Inauguration ceremony at Hallina Estate in Kahawatta, 2018.


In 2019 Good Shepherd Sri Lanka in partnership with Good Shepherd International Foundation produced a video showing the development of community based day programmes to provide the children with education opportunities, as well as awareness raising training sessions for their parents.

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Initially Good Shepherd Sisters in Sri Lanka initiated the programme of Child focused community development in Sinapaduwa on 31 July 2017.  While this programme is progressing well towards its goal, we were able to initiate another in the tea plantation.

Acknowledgment of supporters

We are so grateful to Good Shepherd Sisters UK, OAK Foundation, Good Shepherd International Foundation in Rome, and Asia Pacific Regional manager for extending their generous contribution and enabling this dream to become a reality.

Aims of the project

The inauguration of Waleboda and Walawa Estates in Balangoda was held on 1st February 2018. Our effort here is to establish a safety net for children while motivating the community regarding the protection and wellbeing of the children. Staff in this area are making great efforts and rendering tireless service to reach our aim.

Our wish and prayer....

Our wish and prayer is that we may create a child friendly safety atmosphere for our children and extend our service to more and more in the future.    

More photos

Click here - Community based Child Protection Programme in Tea Estates, in Sri Lanka


'Creating a better world for our children to live...

This is our purpose.'  


Submitted by Sr. Lakshmi Fernando