Celebrating a decade of Partnership for Mission

Celebrating significant milestones


Partnership Team photo above

Ms Melina Ong – Singapore/Malaysia, Sr Kevin Yin Yin – East Asia, Mrs Sashirekha Natarajan – Central East India/Nepal, Mr Jason Furtado – South West India, Sr Noelene White (Chairperson) – Australia-Aotearoa/New Zealand, Ms Maricel Sevilla – Philippines/Japan, Sr Lusiana Rahayu - Indonesia, Sr Stella Rhee – Northeast Asia, Ms Gendrie Klein-Breteler – Australia-Aotearoa/New Zealand.



The Good Shepherd Asia Pacific Partnership (GSAPP) Team was set up in 2008. Since then it has worked with commitment, skill and passion to create awareness and to develop structures of Co-responsibility for Mission throughout the Asia Pacific region, and throughout the whole Congregation. Over the years, membership has changed, but Noelene has held the role of Chairperson, and Sashirekha and Gendrie have been members of the team from the beginning. Anne Dalton has facilitated meetings during the 10 years. When the Formation and Partnership Teams met in Sri Lanka, they also took the opportunity to celebrate significant milestones of this decade long journey. 


“How happy are we, who are co-workers with the Good Shepherd 

in his Mission of love and friendship for each person” 

                                                                              St. Mary Euphrasia Pelletier 

Significant Milestones                   

2008: A rich seed is sown – 72 Mission Partners (sisters and lay) are ignited and inspired.  (Kuala Lumpur Gathering)

“Our experience of Good Shepherd draws us together; the strength of our partnership propels us out for mission."

2013: "Mission Partners (sisters and lay people) accept responsibility together for effective and sustainable Good Shepherd Mission into the future." (Co-responsibility Statement)

2016: Formation Module on Co-responsibility for Mission developed by Formation and Partnership teams - an outcome of the First Joint meeting on Formation held in the Philippines 2015.

2018: Mission Partners own the Mission; celebrate 10 years of co-responsibility and prepare for a new Integrated Approach to sustain Good Shepherd Mission into the future.


Chairperson and facilitators

Ably guided and mentored by Noelene White, Chairperson and gently steered by Anne Dalton and Anya Borbon as co-facilitators the GSAPP team rekindled their passion for Shepherding the Good Shepherd Mission, sharing success stories, refreshing ideas, hopes and dreams.


We lift each other up…

While some Units reported immense growth of lay leadership and building new structures that support co-responsibility, some others shared the joy of lay people who identify as co-workers in mission - from ‘working for’ to ‘working with’ Good Shepherd Mission. The mutually trusting group explored ways to support each other in areas of language/cultural challenges and mind-sets. The need to archive the growth and development of GSAPP was expressed.


Giving thanks for what has BEEN

Sr. Noelene White led the GSAPP team through a spiritual experience, commemorating the Sacred Journey of Partnership/ Co-responsibility for Mission in Asia Pacific from 2008 – 2018. Our hearts sang the Ode to Gratitude - A Remembering Heart as we offered in thanksgiving, the audacious and prophetic leaders who had dared to walk in the shoes of Saint Mary Euphrasia Pelletier. The presence of Sr. Joan Lopez and Theresa Symons whose role in this sacred journey has been very significant, was very meaningful.  Expressions of appreciation and gratitude were expressed to Sr. Noelene White for her dynamic leadership as Chairperson and Sr. Anne Dalton, for being a congenial facilitator, through the journey of ten years.  Srs. Stella and Rasangi who are finishing their time on the GSAPP team were acknowledged and thanked for their fellowship in the team.


Moving forward in HOPE……

“A century from now, what shall be said of the Good Shepherd journey in these times?  And who will the shapers have been?”

The concluding ritual, dedicated to the vibrant future of Good Shepherd Mission, under the fold of visionary leaders, took place with the group chanting a Blessing:

May the gift of leadership awaken in us a vocation---

May leadership be for us a true adventure of growth.



The energized torchbearers continue their journey of

Co-responsibility in




Sri Lanka meetings January 2018

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