Supporting Foreign Spouses and Families, in Taiwan

Comprehensive services 

Identifying the need

In 1993, Good Shepherd accepted the first foreign spouse into our shelter for victims of domestic violence. In providing shelter service we found the needs of foreign spouses were increasing rapidly.  Foreign spouses came from their home countries, not only lacking resources but also facing the unfriendly environment without sufficient legal support. In addition, they could not speak Chinese and did not know where to ask for help.


Outreach and support

In order to help foreign spouses and their families fit into their new lives in Taiwan and ease the tension and challenge in marriage, we set up ‘outreach centers’, offering services to foreign spouses and their families.

Since 2003, Good Shepherd established ‘Foreign Spouses and Their Families Services Centers’ in Taipei and Kaohsiung where the largest population of new immigrants live. Today we have opened four more service centers in Taipei, Taichung, Kaohsiung and Yilan. 

In total we now have six 'Foreign Spouses and their Families Service Centers' in Taiwan.


The Service Centers provide:

1. Consultation and assistance for foreign spouses and their families by telephone, programs, and welfare information. Help them to resolve problems, including cultural adjustment, residential permit consultation, legal assistance and advice, employment counseling, parenting education, family relationship consultation, children schoolwork tutoring program, cooperation with other resources, and transfer service.

2. Programs of cultural adjustment, individual and family developing programs to enhance individual ability; family functions, such as ‘Chinese Learning program’, ‘Computer and Cooking program’, ‘Motorcycle License Testing program’, ‘Team Work program’.

3. ‘Good Shepherd Chamomile Volunteers Development Group program’ to develop foreign spouse’s ability to tackle problems, support their families, help themselves and help other foreign spouses.

4. Services to help children with school work and total self development, such as ‘children’s school work tutoring program’, ‘children’s summer camp’, ‘morality education’, and ‘children volunteer group’.

5. Recreation activities for foreign spouses and their families..

6. Books and magazines in various languages.

7. Library services, playing room facilities, and Karaoke equipment. 

8. Quarterly publication to provide information of social welfare & resources for foreign spouses and their families; and also provide a platform for them to express opinions.

9. Southeast Asia foods and culture experiencing programs at community centers. Regularly held Southeast Asia foods and culture experiencing programs at market and community centers or other public places..


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