Fruit and Vegetable Orchard in Vietnam

Educating young people in Ecology, and teaching life skills at the same time

Fruit and Vegetable Orchard

The Sisters of the Good Shepherd have set up a fruit and vegetable orchard, about 80 kilometres from Ho Chi Minh City.  The orchard is close to the future International airport. Three tribal teenage boys are working full time in the orchard.  They are also finishing their studies. Last year the sisters were able for the first time to sell the fruits from their orchard.


  • To teach agricultural skills to the children.

  • To give marginalized students a chance to be reconnected with mother earth.

  • To help in changing their attitudes in relating to the earth and community.

  • To educate the students in ecology, and care for the environment in which they live.

  • To teach the students to live independently – through learning and earning.

The sisters hope that the income from the orchard will enable them to support their ministries in Vietnam in the future. This orchard is near the Chu Hai parish. It is a very active and large parish and many members have recently migrated from the North of Vietnam. They need much care and guidance during this phase as they gradually adjust to their new life style in the city.