2017 Integration for Mission session, in Indonesia

Process of Integration continues....

A large group of Mission Partners (sisters and lay) met together at Samadi Pastoral Centre of the Catholic Archdiocese of Jakarta, Indonesia from 21-23 August 2017 to participate in an Integration for Mission session. This continues the process begun in Sri Lanka in August 2016.

SAMADI – A state of reflective meditation and contemplation



During the three days, the group of 23 participants including Sr. Bridget Paily, CLT, 9 Unit Leaders, Representatives from Partnership, Formation, Justice and Peace and Spirituality Core Teams, 2 representatives from the International Core teams on Community for Mission and Partnership, along with MDO Regional Manager – AP, entered into a state of SAMADI – reflection, contemplation and dialogue to arrive at a common, practical way of integrating for Good Shepherd Mission.  The group was ably steered by the facilitators, Srs. Anne Dalton and Laurina  Loh.  (See photo above)

We were spiritually enriched by the reflective prayer 'At the Gates of Tomorrow' and all the participants committed to work co-responsibly to search for ways to integrate ourselves, our values, our projects and our world environment in order to invigorate Good Shepherd Mission.

Through a series of illustrations, the group depicted various images of integration all of which portrayed wholeness, and interconnectedness. The value of each part and its significance in the whole was very poignant. 


The comprehensive REPORT

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The Sessions - a summary

Spiral Dynamics and Integrated Approach

Mrs Sashirekha Natarajan led the group to understand the theory of Spiral Dynamics and its relevance to Integrated Approach, using various examples. The question: “Where am I on the Spiral? Where is my team/ Province on the Spiral?” challenges each one to move beyond and see the wider worldview.  

The Spirit of Leadership towards Integration

Ms Gendrie Klein-Breteler urged the group to SHIFT CONSCIOUSNESS and to lead the movement of change. There is an opportunity for an evolutionary shift, an opportunity for growth, one cannot control change, but one can control how we respond.  

Redefined Shared goals of International Committee, 2017

Mr Jason Furtado presented the evolution of the International Committee since 2016. The coordinating committee is unified as a single working group including Mission Partners (Sisters and Lay) from all the Regions.  There has been great progress in communication – a new storage space has been created in the Congregational website for sharing documents. 

Review: Core teams

The members of Spirituality, Justice  & Peace, Formation, Partnership teams reflected on the engagement and progress of the working group and proposed valuable suggestions for the future. Sharing of resources, and cross border support has been productive. The need for skilled personnel, better communication and a planned budget was highlighted. 

Integration for Mission

Ms Theresa Symons shared her experience of journeying with 5 provinces of Asia-Pacific over the last 18 months in her role as Regional Manager for MDO AP.  The question which resonated was: 'What is our response as Good Shepherds to the changing needs not only in our organizations but in the world around us?'


Integrating the Core Teams

The energized group agreed that it would be beneficial for the Core Groups to work at greater integration across and between their respective mandates. Possible models to enable integration were referred to the APC for further consideration.


We are the Orchestra

We are preparing for the

Good Shepherd SYMPHONY!


List of Participants

Sr Joan Lopez, Sr Francine Muthugala, Sr Anne Dalton, Sr Laurina Loh, Sr Sabina Pathrose, Sr Regina Kuizon, Sr Regina Htoo Htoo, Sr Monica Walsh, Sr Noelene White, Mr Jason Furtado, Sr Niluka Nisansala, Sr Jean Marie Bae, Ms Theresa Symons, Sr Eunan Lawrence, Sr Lucy Aung Sian, Sr Chatarina Supatmiyati, Ms Gendrie Klein-Breteler, Sr Virginia Kim, Sr Fransiska Sri Wahyuni, Sr Lourdes Fabia, Sr Anne Marie Fernandes, Sr Bridget Paily, Sr Stella Rhee, Ms Sashirekha Natarajan, Sr Roshanti Ranwatta