2017 Asia Pacific Circle meets in Indonesia

Energetic meeting

The 2017 meeting of the Asia Pacific Circle was held at Samadi Pastoral Centre of the Catholic Archdiocese of Jakarta, Indonesia from 25-26 August.


See photo above, from left to right:

Sisters Bridget Paily, Therese Meera Mathew, Catharina Supatmiyati, Francine Muthugala,  Marie Jean Bae, Joan Lopez, Monica Walsh, Regina Htoo Htoo, Sabina Pathrose, Anne Dalton, Regina Kuizon.



All APC members welcomed Sr Bridget Paily, Congregational Leadership Team Link Person, and Sr Anne Dalton who facilitated the meeting.



The Samadi Pastoral Centre was in a lovely tree filled setting, with spacious grounds.


Special celebration

Everyone was happy to have the opportunity to celebrate the Silver Jubilee of Sr Joan Lopez.


The meeting


The Leaders (Chatarina Supatmiyati, Joan Lopez, Francine Mugthala, Therese Meera Mathew, Sabina Pathrose, Regina Htoo Htoo, Marie Jean Bae, Regina Kuizon & Monica Walsh) were joined by Bridget Paily (CLT). All had taken part in the Integration Workshop held in the same venue from 21-23 August. 

See link to Report on the Integration Workshop - http://www.goodshepherd-asiapacific.org.au/project/239


Day 1 

Picking up the theme of the Integration Workshop was an important focus of Day 1. The value of deepening our self-awareness and being open to a shift in consciousness was deemed most important. This needs to happen at the level of the individual as well as in the group or community. External skills lack authenticity without the bedrock of internalised values.


Temporary Integration Working Party nominated

Representatives of the 4 Core Teams of the Asia Pacific Region who participated with the APC in the Integration Workshop proposed some possible ways forward. To allow more time for the development of a future model the APC nominated a Temporary Integration Working Party. Joan Lopez will coordinate this group which will have 6 more people from across the AP Region. 

In the meantime the 4 Core Teams will continue business as usual.



The following reports were received:

  • Facilitation Workshop

  • Evaluation of AP MDO by Good Shepherd International Foundation (GSIF)

  • Treasurer

  • Justice & Peace

  • Formation

  • Spirituality

  • Partnership

  • Asia Pacific Website


News from CLT

Bridget Paily shared that a clear understanding is needed of the international nature of the Congregation and of global realities.  She outlined the proposed new structure for the Intercontinental Assemblies.  These may receive a new name (for example, Inter-Regional Gathering). There will be three Assemblies in 2020 prior to the Congregational Chapter in 2021. Each of the regions will be represented at each of the Assemblies. So delegates from Asia Pacific units will be spread across three assemblies, all to be held in Angers. The CLT is still working on the final version.

For Asia Pacific this means there will be a gathering of Chapter delegates prior to the Assemblies so that this region has common or united voice.



NGOs in consultative status with the United Nations Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC) may designate persons to represent them at offices of the United Nations. Representatives may be appointed to the UN Headquarters in New York, Geneva and Vienna, as well as the five regional commissions.  The position for a representative from Asia Pacific remains vacant.

* ESCAP - UN Economic and Social Commission for Asia and the Pacific 


International Coordinating Committee 

Members of the APC committed to actioning the Contextual Maps asked of us by this Committee. This will then be followed up with Circles of Conversation.  The Context Maps enable a better understanding of the realities in which we are immersed. The Conversation Circles encourage a sensitive listening to one another.


Beyond Borders Networking

This successful program has run for three years hosted by Singapore.   This 3 week holistic English language program for sisters and lay mission partners has many benefits and is endorsed by the APC.  Singapore will host a program in 2018 if requested.


Asia Pacific Mission Development Office

An evaluation carried out by GISF recommended the continuation of the MDO for five years and supported the employment of a second worker.


Schedule of Meetings from October 2017 - May 2018

  • Leadership Training. 4-30 October 2017 in Ipoh, Malaysia

  • Joint meeting of Core Teams of Spirituality & Justice/Peace. 2-4 November 2017 in Kuala Lumpur

  • Joint meeting of Core Teams of Partnership & Formation.  22-26 January 2018 in Sri Lanka

  • Temporary Integration Working Party.  28-29 January 2018 in Sri Lanka

  • Justice & Peace Core Team is running a Child Protection Workshop in 3 or 4 locations in 2018

  • Art of Skilled Dialogue Workshop.  3-12 May 2018 in Ipoh, Malaysia

  • APC Meeting.  14-17 May in Ipoh, Malaysia


APC roles

APC Coordinator for 2018/19 is Joan Lopez, assisted by Chatarina Supatmiyati.

APC Secretary for 2018/19 is Monica Walsh.