Formation & Partnership Teams meet in Singapore

Chrysalis in Integration


"Do you know what draws down God's special protection, which upholds our Institute and gives it such strength? It is the union between us, the spirit of unity."

St Mary Euphrasia

Formation & Partnership Teams meet together

We rejoice and celebrate the coming together of the core members of the Formation and Partnership teams as a significant step towards Integration. We place on record our gratitude towards Sr. Joan Lopez, Province Leader of Singapore-Malaysia for hosting this meeting, held at Good Shepherd Place, Singapore on 14-15 February 2017. 

The group of 18 participants including representatives from Partnership and Formation Core Teams, journeyed together, searching for proactive pathways in Integration, ably facilitated by Sr. Anne Dalton.


Photo above

Front row:  Rasangi Fernando, Imelda Fuentes, Fransiska Sri Wahyuni, Jason Furtado.

Back row:  Melina Ong, Sashirekha Natarajan, Anne Dalton, Noelene White, Gendrie Klein-Breteler, Anne Marie Fernandes, Stella Rhee, Maricel Sevilla, Florence Soe, Susan Montano, Salomi Cruz, Luciana Dwi Salami/Salami, Kevin Yin Yin, Roshanthi Ranwatta.


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