Good Shepherd congratulates Macau government on new law

Affirming what is good


The impact of domestic violence

The Good Shepherd Sisters in Macau have been offering shelter to victims of domestic violence for 25 years. We have seen over and over again the great harm domestic violence causes to women and children and to the whole family.  


Good Shepherd working for change

For almost 5 years we have been working, together with other individuals and associations, to inform the public and the government about this important issue. We campaigned for domestic violence to be a public crime because women have a right to be protected from violence in their own home.  


A milestone in the history of Macau

On Friday May 20th 2016 the Macau Legislative Assembly passed a JUST domestic violence law which we are very happy about.  The passage of this law, Prevent and Combat Domestic Violence, is a milestone in the history of Macau.


A Celebration Walk

To mark this important event Good Shepherd Centre organized a "Celebration Walk".  Our purpose was to congratulate the Macau government for listening to the voices of the people and especially to the voices of so many who have been victims of domestic violence.  On Sunday, June 5th at 3:00 PM we walked from the park below the Royal Hotel to the front of Government House.  There we delivered a letter expressing our thanks to Mr. Fernando Chui, our CEO, and to all the government officials and members of the Legislative Assembly who had a role in helping to formulate the final version of the law.  No law is perfect and there is always room for improvement.  Nevertheless, the passage of this law is an important milestone.

About 100 people participated in the Walk including University Professors, Philippine Consulate members, local families, social workers and some women who were once domestic violence victims.


Media coverage

Our Walk received very good media coverage in the different language newspapers and also in the TV news. Usually people march to protest against the government for something they believe is wrong or unjust. We believe justice requires that we give the government credit when it does something good.


More photos

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