Partnership for Mission session in Indonesia

Deeper understanding of Partnership


As part of the restructuring of ministries in the Province of Indonesia and to better understand the meaning of mission partners, the Province invited Theresa Symons, from the Province of Singapore/Malaysia to facilitate a session on Partnership for Mission. The session, held on 25th and 26th February 2016 in Cisarua Bogor, was attended by 44 mission partners, i.e. 31 sisters and 14 lay partners.


Qualities of Partnership for Mission

Sr. Catharina Supatmiyati, Province Leader of Indonesia, in her opening address emphasized that partnership for mission is to foster cooperation, openness and humility to listen to one each other for mission effectiveness. Based on the Congregation and Province Direction Statements, we journey together as partners to bring about God’s mission.


Importance of formation for lay partners

Through her facilitation, Theresa brought us to a better understanding of the significance and importance of formation for lay partners in the mission. The Good Shepherd charism and the spirit of the Congregation is also lived out by lay partners who are motivated and driven for mission. She also explained that effective Partnership is defined by equality, mutuality and co-responsibility. 


'Echo' of the Tagaytay session

Mission partners (sisters and lay persons) who attended the Partnership and Formation session in Tagaytay Philippines also shared their experiences. 


New understandings

In group discussions, mission partners shared their thoughts and experiences of living out equality and inclusiveness, and how co-responsibility for mission is practised in the workplace. As we come to new defintion that lay partners are not only our volunteers but  all staff  in the workplace are also mission partners, we have a new picture of partnership for mission in Indonesia.


Action plans

At the end of the session, all the participants made action plans for the development of partnership in Indonesia according to their community groups. Everyone was encouraged to be actively involved because without the involvement of all mission partners (sisters and lay persons) the restructuring of the ministries will not happen.


Now is the time....


Now is the time to engage fully in the history of the Province of Indonesia

to develop the mission for the benefit of whom God has entrusted to us -

the forgotten and marginalized, especially women and children.



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