Lay Mission Partners show Love in Action

All have the right to good health

Since 1886 the Good Shepherd Sisters in India have conducted St Martha's Hospital - in the city of Bengaluru (formerly Bangalore) in the Good Shepherd province of South West India.


The Love-In-Action (Lia) Group is an initiative of lay Mission Partners at the Hospital, and Lia holds an Annual Christmas Fete. The event is a fundraiser for the benefit of the ‘St. Martha’s Hospital’s Poor Patient Fund’. This fund helps in providing financial assistance towards the ‘right to good health’ of all patients who access services of the hospital, including those who are most disadvantaged by poverty.

Aims of the fundraising initiative

  • Fund Raising for poor patients.

  • Promoting Mission Partnership at all levels.

  • Promoting a ‘we’ feeling among the employees, benefactors & patients.

Entire hospital personnel involved

Although the Core committee consist of lay Mission Partners, the entire hospital personnel including management, doctors, nursing staff and students, paramedical and support staffs are actively involved in the event. The fete manages to raise its target through associated raffle draw and sponsorship appeals.

Other Good Shepherd ministries showcased

The fete includes music, food, fun-games and sales counters manned by the hospital personnel and Good Shepherd sisters. It is also an opportunity to showcase other Good Shepherd Ministries in the province.   

Focus on Partnership for Mission 

The fete is one of the initiatives that introduces mission partnership to the public as well as the true mission of Good Shepherd that includes the role of St. Martha’s Hospital in providing health empowerment to all in the city of Bengaluru.

The Inspiration

The gifts and benefactions we receive are not for us but for the persons who need our care.’  

St Mary Euphrasia, Conferences page 41 Ch 4:6

'If you always love each other, if you uphold each other, you will be able to work wonders!' 

St Mary Euphrasia, Conferences 497 


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