Invited into Partnership with the Sisters, we all felt that we are Good Shepherd….


I was born at Keelung, Taiwan. Since when I was young I was encouraged to work for the Church. In 2008 I decided to retire early because I believed I would not have the needed energy to serve God after retirement.  I was Chief Financial Officer in a Singapore public listed company then, spending most of my time in Mainland China. So I quit my job, packed my bags then came back to Taiwan in 2009. 

After returning to Taiwan, I searched on the internet and found Good Shepherd. I made the phone call and Sister Therese Thong received it.  After she understood my background and wishes, she expressed her welcome to me.  Starting from 2 March 2009, I began my journey with Good Shepherd as a volunteer.

In Good Shepherd

This has been an amazing experience.  It has brought new vision to me, and an enlarged perspective beyond the old me. I was trained in business, and my reasoning was based on efficiency and profitability. Working with Good Shepherd, immediately I faced culture shock.  So much was different from my past. I learned compassion, reconciliation and all the other values which Good Shepherd considered more important than anything. From the materials I worked on and Good Shepherd people I met, I began to understand what welfare services are, what made Good Shepherd so unique, and what made Good Shepherd last over hundred years and be still heading for the future.

The Challenges

In 2011, I joined with five other lay mission partners, led by Sr. Therese Thong, and went to visit Good Shepherd in Melbourne, Australia.  We wanted to learn how to build up Partnership for Mission in order to plan for the Good Shepherd future in Taiwan. This was a great experience for all of us. We realized what we did and believed was inherited from the Founder and Foundress of Good Shepherd Sisters, St. John Eudes and St. Mary Euphrasia. And we all felt that we are Good Shepherd.  We sensed the responsibility of sharing what we have learned with our co-workers and wanted to take immediate action.  

The Inspiration

I have worked at the Mission & Spirit Development Office. The work of this office is to strengthen Good Shepherd mission and values. A mission team was formed from our workers to promote Good Shepherd mission and values. The target is not just making partners know our mission and values, but also trying to remind our people that Good Shepherd values already exist in our services, we shall continue to integrate our values into services, and spread it to volunteers, benefactors, and targeted groups such as young people and women.

I am glad I am a Good Shepherd partner. Working with Good Shepherd has fulfilled my wish to help people to serve God.



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Good Shepherd Foundation Taiwan

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Report from the Asia Pacific Partnership Team

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