Recognizing the importance of lay leadership for now, and for the future


I was born in Taipei, a small island located near China.  My family are Catholics, and this is special as there are very few Catholics in Taiwan.  Only about 1% (about 300,000) of the population of Taiwan is Catholic.

I was not an enthusiastic member of the church when I was young. I only concentrated on studies and work or money. But one day my life changed….

I used to work in a government bank and tax office - these are stable jobs in Taiwan. But God is very powerful - He performed a miracle in calling me to become a religious. I remember one day I suddenly had a mystical experience of God.  I felt God is alive and within me, talking to me.  So, I decided to become a Sister.

In Good Shepherd

It was difficult in the beginning as I did not know how to choose the congregation.  I only knew that I wanted to help marginalised and vulnerable people.  Finally through the introduction of a brother, I entered the Good Shepherd Sisters.

For the first years I spent almost every day within the convent, helping there. Our old Sisters loved me very much, so I felt very happy.

The Challenges

It was after my first vows that I really experienced the Good Shepherd apostolic work.  I remember that I went in the car with a group of girls from Court to the half-way house.  Our Good Shepherd girls shocked me, with their bad behaviour and quarrelling.  I felt as though I could not cope with it.

But this experience was important for me.  It taught me that the vocation of the Good Shepherd Sister is very difficult.  In 2009, I made my final vows.

Because of the small Catholic population in Taiwan, there are only two Taiwanese Sisters.  However, in Taiwan, Good Shepherd Sisters have established many services to support disadvantaged and vulnerable young women. 

The Inspiration

We are developing a structure to provide lay leadership and governance, so that these Good Shepherd services can continue into the future.  During this period of transition, I am assisting the Mission Partners in this process.



Launch of Talitha Kum, in Taiwan

Launch of Talitha Kum, in Taiwan

On UN World Day Against Human Trafficking, ten Catholic Sisters' organizations formally launched the Talitha Kum Human Trafficking Prevention Alliance

World Cafe workshops in Taiwan

World Cafe workshops in Taiwan

Training sessions for Mission Partners in Taiwan invited participants to share 'joy, challenge and mission stories' leading to rich insights in a spirit of joy, honor and communion

Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan plan for the future

Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan plan for the future

The Good Shepherd Communities of Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan participated in a strategic planning exercise in their respective locations, in late February 2019

Report from the Asia Pacific Partnership Team

Report from the Asia Pacific Partnership Team

Comprehensive overview from the GSAPP team - how Good Shepherd Partnership for Mission is developing in this region