Kelly's search led to the Good Shepherd Sisters


Kelly made her perpetual profession as a Sister of the Good Shepherd in June 2013 in the Diocese of Sandakan.  As a member of the Province of Singapore/Malaysia, Kelly continues her ministry with Pusat Kebajikan Good Shepherd (Teenage Centre) in Kuala Lumpur. The Teenage Centre offers Family Centred Programs for Teenage Girls and their Families where they can be empowered to realize their potential and take responsibility for their own lives.

Kelly's Vocation Story

Although I was born into a Catholic family, it was only at the age of twenty one years that I was baptised.  I joined the parish youth group.  Soon after the youth leader left for studies, I was entrusted with the leadership role.  This new responsibility was very challenging.  I was not sure about how to lead and made many mistakes.  I felt really helpless.  The members of my youth group felt the same although they were very supportive as we struggled on.  We felt that we were like sheep without a shepherd.  Under those circumstances, I started my personal search – “What is God’s calling for me?  Where is God leading me?”

Exactly 50 days after my baptism, on Pentecost Sunday, a friend asked me, “Do you want to be a Religious?”  This question became very powerful to me after a year of struggling to lead the youth group.  In my search, deep down within me, I knew I wanted to be a shepherd for the youth.  I wanted to be a Religious Sister, to spend my life as a shepherd, equipped with skills and knowledge to lead the youth.

In Good Shepherd

After 5 years of continuous searching for my vocation in life and having made some contact with a Religious Congregation in Taiwan, I was eventually led to the Good Shepherd Sisters in Kota Kinabalu.  I believe that God has his own way of inviting me to follow him.  At that time, a friend of mine was faced with a pregnancy crisis.  In the process of engaging and bridging the communication between the Good Shepherd Sisters and my friend, I saw clearly the work of the Good Shepherd Sisters in reaching out to women and children.  This attracted me so much.  I left my job and my family.  I entered the Good Shepherd Convent.

The Challenges

When I was a youth leader, in my initial discernment to respond to God’s call, I wished I could be the Good Shepherd for the youth who were like sheep without a shepherd to lead and guide them.  Since then, along my journey in life, I have encountered other sheep – people who are facing problems, challenges, difficulties in their life, those in the state of helplessness; they thirst for helping hands; some are imprisoned by unjust and disadvantaged situations; some thirst for love; they yearn for just a moment of attention; some need moral support andencouragement;some are broken by their past experiences and in need of reconciliation and compassion.

The harvest is plenty but labourers are few.  This reality kept me going and helped me to know that deep in my heart, I have chosen the right path in life.

The Inspiration

I would now like to end with an invitation to all the young girls and boys present here today to open yourself to God’s whispering in your heart.  Is God calling you to the priesthood or religious life?  “If today you would listen to the voice of God, harden not your hearts.” Do come and see.  Do find out what is the purpose of your life. You will truly be surprised at what God has in store for you; for with God, nothing is impossible.




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Report from the Asia Pacific Partnership Team

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