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Ms Maygo Lin

Director of Finance

Taiwan Good Shepherd Services                                                       


When I was a teen, my two sisters and I helped Good Shepherd Sisters with all sorts of chores, such as banking, fund raising, shelter care, etc. We loved working with the Sisters because of their caring and loving nature.

In Good Shepherd

My younger sister, Hino, and I have been working at Good Shepherd Services (GSS) for 24 years. Since we both earned degrees in computer technology, we helped Taiwan GSS create a computer system and trained the staff to use the new system. Hino is in charge of the IT system and I help Sr. Therese Thong, CEO of GSS, with financial tasks.

The Challenge

Since I am one of the frontiers of Taiwan GSS, I have taken on the role of troubleshooter for expanding GSS programs from residential shelters and non-residential programs to preventive works and capacity building. According to the 2018 Annual Report, (1) we had 300 workers which included 250 social workers and child care workers; also (2) an annual income of US$9,075,573 and annual expenditure of US$9,409,480. Due to financial complexity and the importance of financial stabilization, I have been appointed as the Director of Finance for Taiwan GSS since 2018.

The Inspiration

Through my service experience with Good Shepherd Sisters , I have learned from God that there are no boundaries in love; and because of love, we can share our talents, materials, time, and money with disadvantaged people in need. Passing our mission and resilience to people is my driving power.




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