Living with a sense of hope


I am a daughter of a catechist of the diocese of Multan, Pakistan.  Due to the scarcity of priests, a catechist plays a vital role in the church. I have seen my father travelling far away to evangelize and do pastoral works. It was really hard. My father was a dedicated catechist who visited and served people. 

In Good Shepherd

So I learnt from my father and mother the spirit of prayer, service and dedication from my childhood. This led me to decide to be a Religious and I joined the Congregation of the Good Shepherd in August 1992.  There I learnt many religious and moral values in my formation years, in Pakistan and in Sri Lanka.  I wanted to serve our Christian Community who experience much disadvantage in this 98% Muslim country.

The Challenges

I worked in 4 cities in different fields - in schools, teaching in the Montessori method and as a principal.  With single Mothers, in sewing centres, with working girls, Justice and peace groups etc...

My role was to direct all of them and their groups to receive Faith Formation as well.

I did my academic studies also in this busy time, including my MA in Education in Pakistan.  I went to Italy, Singapore and France for some programs and workshops, and also to Philippines, Thailand, Sri Lanka and Malaysia.  Lately I went to to San Antonio, US for a sabbatical course.

The Inspiration

All these experiences have led me spiritually to be strong in my convictions.  I want to learn more, to grow personally and share faith experiences with others to make them strong.  I live with a sense of hope that this will be a great help for our Congregation and Christian community.


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Report from the Asia Pacific Partnership Team

Report from the Asia Pacific Partnership Team

Comprehensive overview from the GSAPP team - how Good Shepherd Partnership for Mission is developing in this region