Resilience, passion and joy


Growing up, I witnessed my mother’s resilience of struggling with marriage and protecting me and my two younger brothers. With my relatives’ support and my mother’s tough endeavors, I and my brothers were able to concentrate on study without worrying about living resources. Deep in my heart, I started to seek out ways I could give back to others with disadvantages, which led me to social work. My empathy for others grew out of my personal experience to conquer with all sorts of difficult environments.

In Good Shepherd

After earning my Master’s in Social Work in 2004, I joined Taiwan Good Shepherd Services (GSS) as the second social worker at Kaohsiung Center, south of Taiwan, to serve. Around one and half years later, they promoted me to the director position to establish better services. During the next decade my focus was providing services to new immigrant women and disadvantaged families.

The Challenges

In 2014, I transferred to the GS central office to take the position as a Research & Development specialist. I have been connecting with other organizations and government officers to facilitate the enforcement of CEDAW and Convention on the Rights of the Child (CRC). 

Regarding to CEDAW, I joined with GS partners working alongside indigenous women to set up home businesses to sell weaving products, sell farm products, and publish books sharing indigenous tradition and culture. We focus on building resilience, passion, and joy to highlight the origins of indigenous beauty and raise public awareness about the issues of indigenous people.

As for CRC, I meet regularly with related NGOs and university scholars. As an alliance, we have advised the Taiwan government to meet the standards of CRC. We invited international scholars to converse with our social workers, educators, and government policy officers. I have also been invited to be the lecturer of CRC for government employees a few times this year.

The Inspiration

Through GSS services, I was deeply touched by the value of Inclusiveness and individualism, no judgement or blaming; then always accompanying clients to face past trauma events and emotions, as well as their life challenges. As a member of helping professions, I am so proud of these convictions and will continue to fulfill my faith through my life journey.




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