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I first learned about Good Shepherd Foundation through a college course. I was impressed by the effectiveness of services, so I dedicated my career to the foundation right after earning my B.S. degree in social work. After spending 3 years at the foundation, I chose to return to graduate school to earn my Master's degree in 2005. After serving government social welfare services for 6 years I returned to the Good Shepherd Foundation in 2011 to continue pursuing the mission. Our mission at Good Shepherd Foundation is 'one person is of more value than an entire World'.

In Good Shepherd

I am in charge of multiple services in Taipei city. In our Children and Youth program we support 285 kids through youth service center, counselling services to children who have witnessed violence and drop-out center. In our Women and Children in Crisis program we support 201 families. In 2017 we had 230 single-parent families in our program.

The Challenges

I am thankful that God gave me the gift to be able to conquer all kinds of hardships in my life. It is now an honour and privilege to be able to use my talents to support women who are less fortunate and experience great hardship.

During my time in charge of the youth services I prioritized personally spending time with our clients. We encouraged playful activities and our professional services helped the kids. Now as the district director of Taipei, I service a community of 900-1000 people. My primary goal during my tenure is to find new resources for our services and share the core values of Good Shepherd within the district expanding worldwide. Though it has been tough, the opportunity to serve this community has been the most rewarding work of my life. Through the service I feel supported by God's love.

The Inspiration

I was not religious when I first joined Good Shepherd. I also didn't believe in God. This changed gradually as I got to know my colleagues at the foundation. The words of St. Mary Euphrasia inspired me to learn about the Catholic faith. I found that the core values of the Good Shepherd Foundation align with my personal core values. I was particularly impressed by the impact the sisters could have not just in Taiwan, but globally. I wanted to be part of this movement. After knowing God, I have reflected on my own weakness, anxiety, fear, and hardships. This has made me a better leader and a better servant to our community and mission. 


Good Shepherd Foundation Taiwan

Good Shepherd Foundation Taiwan

In Taiwan Good Shepherd services are well established throughout the country - all developed since the sisters arrived in 1987. Learn about significant restructuring which has happened since 2015

Report from the Asia Pacific Partnership Team

Report from the Asia Pacific Partnership Team

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Good Shepherd Services in Taiwan

Good Shepherd Services in Taiwan

In Taiwan Good Shepherd services are well established in almost every part of the country - all developed since 1987. Now they are working towards changing leadership from a Sister to lay Mission Partners