The power and beauty of life


My social work internship allowed me to truly empathize with my clients, renewing my passion for my work. The first time I accompanied a school girl who was sexually abused by a family member I spent time with her at school, and after listening to her experience I was in shock and speechless. Putting my emotions aside, I quietly sang a Christian poem with her. That was the first time I truly empathized with the power of life.

In Good Shepherd

At Good Shepherd Foundation I learned that teaching resilience is an effective way to help lost youth regain their confidence. In my work I practise resilience to help our clients rediscover their capabilities and energy.

The Challenges

I set up a juvenile service center in New Taipei City. This center serves youth between the ages of 12 and 18. These young people are school dropouts, fugitives, and drug abusers. They often have poor family support, feel like they are squandering their life, and have low self-confidence. The service includes casework, community service, project management, and outreach.

The center serves as the facility with diversified interest groups. Young people know our center is a safe space they can join after school. We also look for areas where youth gather to bring services to them. We provide parenting services for parent-child conflict, parenting skills, family travel, and more. We support adventure experiences through field trips, life review workshops, employment training programs, and career experience programs to help teenagers find their strengths.

The Inspiration

In my own life, I see myself continuously thinking about the conflict of values. Through my service, I am starting to believe in the possibility of love and being loved being a solution to achieving a world where one person is of more value than an entire world. During my 14 year tenure at Good Shepherd Foundation I am reminded every day by the power of life, the value of being human, and the beauty of life.




Good Shepherd Foundation Taiwan

Good Shepherd Foundation Taiwan

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Report from the Asia Pacific Partnership Team

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Good Shepherd Services in Taiwan

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