Attracted to the image of the Shepherd


I was born in small village in Lampung, Sumatra in 1973.  I’m the third of the 5 in the family.  My parents are farmers so I love simple life in a village.  I came to know Good Shepherd Sisters through my brother who lived in Central Java and had networking connection with the sisters in doing an outreach program. The first time I met a Good Shepherd Sister was in the youth gathering in a parish. I experienced the Sisters as very friendly, they joined our programs, we cooked together and had interesting conversations about our life. Two sisters also visited my family.  My family was really touched by this visit, so I had no difficulty when I asked their permission to enter Good Shepherd.  

In Good Shepherd

I have been over 20 years in the Congregation, I made the first profession September 8, 1995 and on September 14, 2002 I made my final vows.

I have been in charge of the sewing project, crisis center for the women who have difficulties, boarding school and teaching in Sunday School, teaching English in Career School, treasurer for Career School, teaching kindergarten in the village area, shelter for single mothers.  I love teaching, so through this activity I encounter and interact with many young people to introduce the values of the Good Shepherd. I learn how to deal with the various characteristic of students. As well as this, I experience that many young people also live out these values that strengthen my religious life too. Now I also work as province treasurer. I try to enjoy doing this task.

The Challenges

Since 2011, I have been in charge of vocation promotion.  This challenges me to be creative and to be open in learning to journey together with many young people who search God’s calling. Sometimes, this is a challenging journey - it is not so clear and we hold the uncertainty. It is a journey full of art.  I love this journey together.  In my role as member of the Asia Pacific Formation Team until 2017, I found it a challenge especially for language, but I tried to do as well as I could.

The Inspiration

I’m attracted to the image of a Shepherd because this image relates to a simple life of a shepherd in my village. A shepherd always keeps moving, has a simple life, and faces many challenges.






Historic meeting of Asia Pacific Teams, in Sri Lanka

Historic meeting of Asia Pacific Teams, in Sri Lanka

In response to the Congregational Directive, the Asia Pacific Circle organized a dialogue to develop clear strategic plans integrating Spirituality, Justice and Peace with best ministry practices

Session for Formation and Partnership

Session for Formation and Partnership

Historic first Formation and Partnership Session in Asia Pacific creates a distinct shift in the understanding of Partnership for Mission

Report from the Asia Pacific Partnership Team

Report from the Asia Pacific Partnership Team

Comprehensive overview from the GSAPP team - how Good Shepherd Partnership for Mission is developing in this region