Capacity building with migrant women and children


I was born in Ruteng, Indonesia on 7 June 1969, and am qualified as a Sekolah Menegah Atas (Secondary School Teacher).  I am married to Gregorius Tabur and am lucky because my husband supports my work and is aware of the importance of gender equality.  We have a son, named Gilang Garut. 

In Good Shepherd

About 8 years ago I joined Good Shepherd to actively help to create and run existing programmes.  We work with women in the villages in the area who are disadvantaged by a lack of education, so are prone to unfairness and inequality in the family and in society.

Good Shepherd provides me with a wide open space for me to do something worthwhile within my familiar cultural context.  I share the local language with the women.  I have come to realize as I visit them that they face many problems.  In our Good Shepherd programme we listen to the women and try to understand their needs.

The Challenges

As a native Flores woman I believe that our traditional culture apparently did not violate human rights, nor did it favour women.  It seems that, over time, some of our cultural practices did lead to poverty among women, and we became used to accepting that this is the situation of women in Flores.

The Inspiration

Now my work with Good Shepherd inspires me to do something positive, and gives me the opportunity to channel my energies and fulfil my expectations.


Report from the Asia Pacific Partnership Team

Report from the Asia Pacific Partnership Team

Comprehensive overview from the GSAPP team - how Good Shepherd Partnership for Mission is developing in this region

'Weta Gerak' Light of Women in Indonesia

'Weta Gerak' Light of Women in Indonesia

A Good Shepherd project offering education and consciousness raising activities, skills training and microcredit opportunities for Migrant women and children