A long and fruitful vocation story....


I was born to parents Lilly and George Pereira who were pious and very religious, from whom I imbibed the values of life. They always wanted at least one child to serve the Lord and were delighted when I announced to them that I wanted to be a nun. My story is long.  After my initial education I did the secretarial course and worked for nine years before I had the courage to answer my call which was pursuing me from the time I was in Grade VIII.

I had a spiritual experience. For about two years in my life I lost touch with God and gave up practicing my religion. But God came in search of me on a Maundy Thursday with the question: ‘Deanna, what are you doing with your life’. No one knew of my struggle as I kept going to Mass to put up a show. This question kept coming back to me often until one day I decided to enter inside myself and I found my God. Years after this experience I heard clearly God’s call to me again and went for a discernment retreat where the message from the Gospel of St. Luke spoke to me:  ‘I have come not for the righteous, but for sinners.’ ‘Come Follow Me.’

In Good Shepherd

I was introduced to the Sisters of the Good Shepherd by two people.  I visited Bangalore to see the work and have a firsthand experience. What I saw there impressed me and I decided to join the Sisters of the Good Shepherd on 1 January, 1977.

The Challenges

I made my first profession on 16th July, 1979 and am very happy serving the Lord and His people in various capacities, serving the sisters in the community, teaching, hostel warden, working with young women and girls in residential care, working with the tribals and people who are disadvantaged.

The Inspiration

I had the privilege of spending 6 years in the Mother House in Angers, where I spent time at the Spirituality Centre, getting to know our Mother Foundress through her letters and other documents. I love Saint Mary Euphrasia and love speaking about her at sessions conducted for the sisters in formation, senior sisters and lay Mission Partners.

The Good Shepherd who called me continues to be with me and help me bring back persons who are lost, like I was.



Report from the Asia Pacific Partnership Team

Report from the Asia Pacific Partnership Team

Comprehensive overview from the GSAPP team - how Good Shepherd Partnership for Mission is developing in this region

Anukampa Nivas - House of Compassion and Tenderness

Anukampa Nivas - House of Compassion and Tenderness

In Nagpur India, Sisters from two provinces gather to lay the foundation stone for the Provincialate building, and to bury a time capsule