Always happy to serve people who are marginalised


As a person I appreciate my womanhood and as a young person I loved girls, and God chose me to be a member of this beautiful congregation which works towards the integrated development of girls and women.  I thank God for bringing me to the Congregation of Our Lady of Charity of the Good Shepherd.  I joined as a teenage person, but was formed well in the charism of the Good Shepherd as well as in Inculturation and Social Justice.  

In Good Shepherd

From the time I joined the Sisters I had the opportunity to work with the children of Single Mothers which increased my commitment to say yes with a generous heart.  In the year 1978 I made my temporary profession and the Perpetual Profession in 1984. As a young person, I had the opportunity to work with women and girls which is the primary focus of our Congregation.  I was always happy to serve the people who were marginalized. My ministry experience includes: work with children of single mothers, empowerment of young girls, dalits and tribals. I had the passion to work very hard to eradicate the fresh dedication of girls to the Devadasi System and believe we can accomplish this dream. The message of our Mother Foundress, 'One person is more precious than the whole world', has given me insight and inner strength.

The Challenges

I was blessed to be a local leader, member of the Province Leadership Team, and Province Treasurer. For twelve years, I had coordinated the Province Social Action Ministry Commission, as well as the Finance Advisory Commission. I had participated in Congregational Chapters and Regional Committees. The Asia Pacific Circle (Province Leaders of Asia Pacific) meetings were a sign of support and understanding which paved the way to develop certain strategies to surge forward as a circle.

From 2007 to 2013 I held the role of Province Leader and during this period significant developments took place in the Province. The leadership capacity of sisters grew manifold and partnership with lay Mission Partners blossomed. A process of discernment led to the development of two Provinces:  After 159 years of Good Shepherd presence in India the province formed into two new Provinces in January 2014 - South West India and Central East India/Nepal. 

The birth of the two Provinces and the First Chapters of Central East India/Nepal and South West India were touching moments of my life.  The completion of my Province leadership and handing it over to both the new leaders relieved me to have the long desired break, to relax, renew, and rejuvenate myself for the next ministry to be assigned by the new leader of the Province of Central East India/Nepal.

I attended a few programmes which helped me personally in body, mind and spirit in a Nature Cure Centre and in an Ashram.  I also attended a course on Counselling and Psychotherapy and other courses which were very helpful. I was delighted to discover the value of self care, my personality and the power of Universal Laws. 

Though I had the desire to take a full year of sabbatical to learn and discover myself, in the middle of my sabbatical the new Leadership Team requested me to be the Leader of our community in Chennai, a responsibility I assumed from June 2014.

In 2015, during the flood in Chennai I had the great privilege to work with many lay partners in bringing relief for the affected.  Their sacrificial love inspired me a lot.  I was able to take the necessary risk in visiting the affected people near and far. We provided them the basic needs like food, clothing, utensils and constructing simple houses for few families etc. The 3 years of Local leadership in Chennai was very satisfying for me since I was able to build new relationships, strengthen the lay partners and renovate some buildings.

In July 2017 I was transferred to Good Shepherd Convent, Mangalagiri.  Here I am working in a Province Sponsorship programme where around 1000 children are sponsored by the funding organization “Chalice” from Canada.  It is very satisfying to work with the poor through this programme.  The individual families benefit for the education of the sponsored child and the sibling, to repair their houses or start some small economic programme to increase their income. Seven Sisters with their staff work in 4 States to implement this project. It is a great blessing to have such loving and generous donors to support so many under privileged children and families. I feel that is an added blessing in my life to work for this project.

The Inspiration

Since I am sensitive to Social Justice, I enjoy organizing with people who are poor, and working towards their dignity and freedom. I have heard from people with whom I have worked many years ago that they appreciate and remember the words of wisdom and the inspirational messages and interactions which have brought changes in their life. This gives me satisfaction in being a Religious and a Sister of the Good Shepherd. 



Report from the Asia Pacific Partnership Team

Report from the Asia Pacific Partnership Team

Comprehensive overview from the GSAPP team - how Good Shepherd Partnership for Mission is developing in this region

Anukampa Nivas - House of Compassion and Tenderness

Anukampa Nivas - House of Compassion and Tenderness

In Nagpur India, Sisters from two provinces gather to lay the foundation stone for the Provincialate building, and to bury a time capsule