Children are our future


I was brought up by my grandparents, though I had my both parents. I could proudly say that Grandmother was my initial vocation promoter, who encouraged me to join the religious life. She brought me up with respect and discipline.  From when I was small, I had a desire to do some service to the poor (social work), but had not much knowledge about the people and the society at large.  But I did what I could do, even during my school days. By the time I finished my school study, I was clear about my vocation to the religious life.

What inspired me to join the Good Shepherd?

When I heard about the social work of the Sisters of the Good Shepherd, especially their work with the single mothers and orphan babies at St. Michael’s Convent, Bangalore.

In Good Shepherd

I made my First Profession in 1995, and my Life Commitment in 2000.  From the time I joined until now, my goal remains the same - social work.  I gained professional qualifications in Social Work and Counselling.  Almost 14 years in India and 4 years in Nepal working as a Religious and I have grown in my faith and love for the Good Shepherd Mission.  I experienced lots of inner joy and satisfaction in serving the poor. I am happy to say that God has called me to the right congregation.  The field of work which most interests me is with children and young girls.

The Challenges

My greatest learning challenges in religious life were with young girls in religious formation and the mission in Nepal.  Both of these experiences were a source of great learning for life.

On 19th March 2014, due to health reasons I had to leave Nepal and return to India.

Right now I am in Mangalagiri , Andhra Pradesh, India.  My present ministry is to work with 'CHALICE' - a Catholic Sponsorship Programme from Canada, for the most disadvantaged children of our country.  We have almost 1,000 children sponsored under this project.  Mainly we concentrate on Children’s Education, Health and Nutrition.  Also, community programmes are developed for the villagers.  It seems to be a great blessing to the children and their families.

I really enjoy doing this work. It is very life giving to see the children studying and coming up in life, especially the orphans and the girl children.  On the whole they are ensured holistic growth and life skills.  Families are quite happy with their progress and performance.  I love to work with children, at the grass roots level, where I can really give myself fully.  The changes we need to bring have to begin with children.  Then, they make a difference to the family, community and the Nation at large.

The Inspiration

Children are the future Citizens of the country, therefore we need to take care of them and encourage their potential.  This is what I experience when I visit children’s families and their community. 

It is one year since I have been working in this project.  I am happy and feel lots of changes are taking place among the children.














Report from the Asia Pacific Partnership Team

Report from the Asia Pacific Partnership Team

Comprehensive overview from the GSAPP team - how Good Shepherd Partnership for Mission is developing in this region

Anukampa Nivas - House of Compassion and Tenderness

Anukampa Nivas - House of Compassion and Tenderness

In Nagpur India, Sisters from two provinces gather to lay the foundation stone for the Provincialate building, and to bury a time capsule