The Story of St Mary Euphrasia Pelletier

A woman ahead of her time....

‘Throughout Mary Euphrasia’s lifetime of work supporting women and girls experiencing poverty and marginalisation, she demonstrated qualities that made her stand out as a woman who was ahead of her time – qualities that are as relevant today as in her time. Among these are:

  • Her ability to trust, to be open to new ideas and to accept the contributions of others.

  • Her “daring audacity”, teamwork and networking ability to respond to the signs of the   times.

  • Her projects for economic justice.

  • Her creativity in fundraising.

  • Networking with Government/Corporate Social Responsibility projects.’


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Good Shepherd in Singapore-Malaysia has produced The Story of St. Mary Euphrasia Pelletier presented as booklet and youtube video. 

Click here to see the booklet - The Story of St Mary Euphrasia Pelletier

Click here to see the youtube clip - Youtubeclip

Click here to see the youtube clip - children's' version - The Story of St Mary Euphrasia Pelletier - children's version


About the project

It was undertaken by the Mission Link Committee of the Singapore/Malaysia Province.  Gloria Bon, long time Mission Partner in Malaysia and chair of the Asia Pacific Justice Peace Team, volunteered to head the project.  She engaged a team which included Elizabeth Teh, Mary Teoh and Sarah Elbisser Archivist from the Motherhouse in Angers, France. 

The team describe their work on the project:

'The project came about as there was a need to ensure that the Founding History is passed on in a contemporary way that would appeal to all levels of staffing, volunteers and anyone who is interested in the origins of Good Shepherd mission.

When the team got together, we agreed that it would be impossible through a short video to do justice to the story of this great woman St Mary Euphrasia and a longer one would be unsuitable given the attention span of an average viewer.

We decided to complement a short video with a booklet which contained more details for reference when and if required. The booklet is a compilation of information from various sources laid out in a manner that we can relate to in the present time. 

The original script for the video which we crafted was too long and so we went about cutting it down to size and sourcing for more pictures to liven up the presentation. We are happy to finally come out with a 10 minute clip that we hope will provide the viewer with a gist of her life.
This Good Shepherd Project is an effort of many, many, many mission partners in the Province together with Sarah Elbisser, our archivist in Angers. Each draft was circulated for approval and comments among the Mission Link Committee. We tried our very best to make both the booklet and video as perfect as we could. There were tons of challenges along the way but all that is now history.  

The booklet together with the video was launched in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia on 1st May during the Feast Day Celebration of St. Mary Euphrasia. The video was shown before Mass so as to inform the congregation the reason for this special mass. Copies were distributed after lunch as guests made their way home.’

A new resource for Good Shepherd

From the founding of the Congregation of the Good Shepherd Sisters in 1835, lay women and men committed to the vision and spirit of Good Shepherd have emerged to the forefront as mission partners. They play a vital role and take a genuine responsibility in the development of Good Shepherd mission today. This is very much so especially in the Asia Pacific region.

Knowing the founding story and understanding the character and motivation of the early Founders is a powerful orientation tool.

Congratulations and heartfelt thanks to the sisters and mission partners in the province of Singapore-Malaysia for this creative gift to us all.


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