Let's Orange the World with Solidarity

Breaking the chain of violence.... 

In solidarity with every woman and child around the world who becomes a victim of violence, and all efforts to end all kinds of violence, every community in Indonesia Province held some activities  to promote 16 Days of Non-Violence against Women and Children.


For full story and more photos, click here - Let's Orange the World with Solidarity, in Indonesia



The sisters and lay mission partners in Ruteng community (eastern part of Indonesia) organised the campaign of 16 Days of Non–Violence against Women and Children in a village named Manong, Cibal. The cases of violence against children in the sub-district of Cibal are very frequent, especially sexual abuse. 


In Batam, the sisters and lay mission partners organised action for Orange Day by working with NGOs. Involving students from the Good Shepherd's Playground, they distributed stickers of anti-violence against women and children.


Marau community in Borneo island was enthusiastic about organising activities for Orange Day. Many teenagers in Marau have free sex and this causes them, especially the girls, to drop out of school because of unwanted pregnancy. This situation moved the sisters together with lay partners to give sessions about Sex Education for High School students with their parents


In Jakarta a different atmosphere was felt in Santa Maria Fatima School run by Good Shepherd Sisters. The sisters together with all students, teachers and staff wore orange t-shirts. On Monday December 11, 2017 the school carried out 'Orange Day' activities using the theme 'Together We Can End Gender-Based Violence In Education'. 

Sixteen Themes

An activity being done every day at school presented the sixteen themes related to education about Human Trafficking.  We believe that EDUCATION is the strongest foundation to raise awareness to end all forms of violence against woman and children.


In this moment Santa Maria Fatima School is committed to implementing '3Ends' in education which is End violence against women and children, End human trafficking and End economic injustice.

Bogor community

The sisters in Bogor community also held Orange Day with the boarding girls and staff.  Activities were organised in an effort to prevent violence against women in marriage, and to be able to take an active role in reporting any kinds of violence against women and children to the authority.

'Your Love Makes Me Precious'

We are aware that there is a lot of violence going on especially towards women and children. Moved with love in solidarity with all women and children who experience violence, we offer a creative prayer with the theme ‘Your Love Makes Me Precious’. Through the prayer we want to embrace them with our sisterly love.

Intention Tree 

We also commited to developing a mutual relationship among fellow members of the boarding school dormitory. To strengthen our sisterhood by being a shepherd for ourselves and others in order to grow as a dignified teenager with a spirit of compassion. The girls expressed their creativity in 3End’s Dance and Song Competition, and made an Intention Tree by putting their commitment to end violence on it.


The Srikandi Social Services of the Good Shepherd in Yogyakarta community joined other NGOs to organize ‘The Declaration to Stop Violence against Women and Children’, on Saturday, December 9, 2017. Various activities were also organized by mission partners (Sisters and Lay) in Yogyakarta community in order to celebrate Orange Day. On Tuesday, December 12 around 50 children from Santa Theresa Lisieux Kinder Garden visited Good Shepherd Sisters in Bantul Yogyakarta. They not only learned about every part of that convent but also learned about the spirit of Good Shepherd and joined the campaign to Stop Violence against Women and Children. 

'We are Precious - Leave No One Behind' 

On another day, November 18, 2017 we held a campaign with 80 children from St. Peter Canisius Kinder Garden Yogyakarta.  The theme of activities was ‘We are Precious - Leave No One Behind’. We had a tour of the Good Shepherd Convent and held the campaign to end violence against women and children through dance and songs. 

Youth, young and speak out!

At the beginning of 16 days to End Violence again Women and Children on November 25, 2017 the parishioners of St.Mary of Fatima Pelem Dukuh, Yogyakarta joined the campaign. More than 75 people, men and women, teens and young joined the workshop on socialization to stop Violence against Woman and Children.  It was organized by mission partners of the Good Shepherd and the youth of the Parish.

Child Marriage

Full of enthusiasm, they begin to reflect on a short documentary film about Child Marriage by Kalyana Mitra Indonesia, a local organisation. The background of the film was close to the reality in the community. 

To Speak Out as a key to end the violence

The discussion on the Child Marriage film was divided into two parts. The  first part was about Violence against Children and the second part was about Women in gender-based violence and about relationship. The participants discussed how to overcome and to end the violence cycles. To Speak Out as a key to end the violence.

Preventative Steps

The teens also learned to speak out and to understand how to take preventative steps to avoid physical abuse. When the facilitator asked about the private areas on their body which should not be touched by other people, one of the students of the Junior High School identified the private parts of the body which they need to protect.

Good Relationships

Good relationships were an interesting topic in the discussion. The discussion became a starting point for the next meeting with another or the same topic with youth and teens in this community.

Using music....

We involved acoustic music with a member from a different religion to voice non-violence, and this increased the enthusiasm of the youth and the teens on that day.  These activities inspire to involve more people from different religions and cultures to stop the chain of violence against women and children. Participants ended the campaign with a sign and writing their commitment to stop violence.

Breaking the chain

We also involved the women survivors of violence in our shelter. Nine women with unplanned pregnancies joined the campaign. They reflected upon and grew in awareness of their own experiences.  As a survivor, each woman thought and decided to do some action to break the chain and change the next generation, as a mother.  They discussed and reflected on violence in their family, community and relationship. They identified violence in their life as economic, psychological and sexual. They expressed their campaign against violence with poem, art and an article to end the violence.

The survivor movement is telling us about commitment to break out of the silence which allows violence to continue, especially in a patriarchy culture.

This action is real - to break the chain of violence against women and children.


Full story and more photos

Click here - Let's Orange the World with Solidarity, in Indonesia



Submitted by Sr.Veronica Endah, RGS