Sessions and gatherings in Province of East Asia

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Sessions were held in Myanmar and Thailand, facilitated by Sisters Brigid Lawlor, Josita Corera and Angela Fahy, between 31 July and 25 August. A Sector Gathering was held in Myanmar from 11-13 August, facilitated by Srs Regina Htoo Htoo and Rebecca Kay Thi Oo. Implementation of the Myanmar Sector Strategic Plan 2017-2021 which promotes participative model of leadership was an important agenda item.


Photo above: Cultural Entertainment Night during the Reconciliation Session in Myanmar


English Classes, 31 July - 4 August

On 30 July 2017, the sisters and the lay partners joyfully welcomed Sr. Brigid Lawlor to the convent in Yangon. Sr. Brigid conducted English lessons from 31 July to 4 August to 23 students (sisters, those in formation and lay partners) in three levels. All students enjoyed the class with Sr. Brigid who made English lessons very interesting using music, dance and drama.  


Reconciliation Session, 5 - 10 August

Sr. Josita Corera, our Congregational Councillor, arrived in Yangon on 3 August to co-facilitate with Sr. Brigid the session on Interconnectedness and Reconciliation. The session was held from 5 to 10 August in the Good Shepherd Convent in Yangon. The participants included 32 Myanmar Sisters and 14 Vietnamese Sisters.      

The themes of the session included Interconnectedness – differentiation, interiority, communion and compassion- and Reconciliation - in Psalm 23, wounded healers and closing water ritual. A modification of the Contemplative Dialogue Process incorporating the indigenous talking stick method was used for processing in both small and large groups.   It was a time of spiritual renewal for the sisters spending quiet time with creation, recognizing the interconnectedness with all living things in the universe and realizing the needs for reconciliation within oneself, with God and with all creation especially with our sisters in community.

The Reconciliation Session in Myanmar ended joyfully with an evening cultural entertainment by Myanmar and Vietnamese Sisters.  


Sessions in Thailand, 13-18 August and 20-25 August

Sr. Brigid conducted the same session on Interconnectedness and Reconciliation twice in Minburi, Thailand at the Redemptorist Provincialate. Sister Angela Fahy co-facilitated these sessions. The first session took place from 13-18 August and there were twenty participants:  14 from Thailand and 6 from Vietnam.  The second session was held from 20-25 August with twelve participants:  9 sisters from Thailand and 3 from Vietnam.


Myanmar Sector Gathering, 11-13 August

After Sr. Brigid’s session, the Myanmar Sisters continued with the general gathering from 11 to 13 August. Thirty four Sisters from eight communities and one satellite community participated the event. Srs. Regina Htoo Htoo (Province Leader) and Sr. Rebecca Kay Thi Oo facilitated the gathering.

On the first day, the facilitators led the participants the Sisters to reflect on the topics: the call as Good Shepherd, the realities in community life, taking risk together for mission and the call to bring positive change in Myanmar. The reflections and sharing were based on the relevant scripture passages, the founding stories of Sts. John Eudes and Mary Euphrasia and the congregational documents.                                                        

The morning of the second day was an open forum led by Sr. Regina Htoo Htoo giving update information within Myanmar Sector followed by the discussions on the details of the life of Myanmar Sector and the implementation of Myanmar Sector Strategic Plan (2017-2021) encouraging a participative model of leadership.

In the afternoon, the meeting of individual sector team (Spirituality, Lay Partnership, Justice and Peace, Communication and Documentation, Vocation Promotion and Finance) was held after which the teams presented their goal, vision, mission, the plan and the activities to the whole group.

On Day 3, the Sisters studied together the Myanmar Sector Child Protection Policy and Women Empowerment Policy using creative expressions. The gathering was concluded with 'Arch Dance' symbolizing love, unity and harmony in Myanmar Sector.


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