Companion and guide to young women who wish to join the Sisters


I was born in Seoul, Korea, and began my religious life at the Good Shepherd Congregation in 1993.

In Good Shepherd

I have been involved as a vocation promoter and directress of pre-novices.  Now I have been a novice directress since 2007. 

I have a lot of beautiful memories with novices, and have accompanied them on their painful inner journeys as well.

Whenever I look back my life as a formator I am very grateful that I have been privileged to accompany someone who is looking for Jesus the Good Shepherd in this day.

The Challenges

I would like to share one of the stories that has touched me.

Normally the day of the first profession is the first day of living community life as a sister with temporary vows.  At the same time, it is the last day in novitiate together.  There were mixed feelings around us - joy and the sadness of separation. 

The Inspiration

One group of the newly professed sisters, before leaving the novitiate, knelt down in front of me and poured some water into a washbasin and began to wash my feet with a song. I remember the words of the song “Jesus the Good Shepherd who shows us truth and life. Who was walking a thorny path carrying the cross for us and accompanying us. The Good Shepherd was washing our feet before death. We won’t forget the love and the mission that we should follow. Please send us to the place of suffering. Please send us to those who need our hand. Will you embrace us whenever we stand up in front of you?”

I was deeply moved with a heart full of love and gratitude through their song and tears.  In that moment I realized that they are Jesus and I am the one beloved disciple of the Shepherd God. 

I do believe that: “Our relationship with those we meet should be for them a means of encounter with Jesus the Good Shepherd. At the same time, we are aware that we receive mercy from them and that we cannot separate our salvation from theirs.”    Constitutions of the Sisters of the Good Shepherd No. 5, and

“The vitality of the congregation is largely determined by the quality of formation.”  Constitution no. 55



Celebrating 50 years since the founding of Good Shepherd in Korea

Celebrating 50 years since the founding of Good Shepherd in Korea

Golden Jubilee celebrations in South Korea include a monthly retreat for the sisters, production of Good Shepherd resources, a Walking Pilgrimage and a Mass

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Report from the Asia Pacific Partnership Team

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