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I have been working at the Good Shepherd Foundation since I moved to Taichung, the central city of Taiwan, almost 15 years ago.  Before that, for 10 years, I was supervisor of a committee of central government supporting women in situations of domestic violence.

In Good Shepherd

I met Sister Therese Thong through my previous work when the government collaborated with NGOs on women issues. I began working with Good Shepherd as a director of a children’s home. Then, I transitioned my position to Taichung Center, providing services to women in situations of domestic violence and sexual assault. Starting in 2014, I took up the district director position and since then have been responsible for all Good Shepherd services in the Taichung district.

The Challenges

Two years ago, the Good Shepherd Board asked us to undertake an organizational restructure, which was quite challenging for all of us.  I was inspired with a sense of new direction as the services of Good Shepherd Foundation’s Taichung district needed to be seen to provide reasonable services to those who really need it. So I accepted the district director duties and started to interact seriously with government services, seeking the client’s best interests.  

Meanwhile our group began to serve the community in expressing our value of the human rights of women and children with anti-violent action, to raise awareness and sensibility about violence.

My current goal for the Taichung District is to extend and improve services, enhance professional services for staff, and to encourage more collaboration within my group. Because we believe that ‘one person is of more value than an entire world’ this north star drives me to teach resilience through being resilient myself.  It has been challenging to instill this core value with the staff.  I am still working on making sure this core value permeates through the culture in the Taichung district.

The Inspiration

Before working at Good Shepherd Foundation, I was not aware of the value that ‘one person is of more value than the entire world.’ While working at Good Shepherd Foundation I've gradually adopted this as one of my personal core values. This core value has greatly influenced my thinking process and helped me evaluate my personal growth in carrying out our Foundation’s mission.

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Good Shepherd Foundation Taiwan

Good Shepherd Foundation Taiwan

In Taiwan Good Shepherd services are well established throughout the country - all developed since the sisters arrived in 1987. Learn about significant restructuring which has happened since 2015