A Vision of peace and wholeness



I was born in 1947 in Kerala, South India.  With a great zeal and enthusiasm from childhood, witnessed from my late parents, to serve humanity and dedicate myself, I decided to be a Religious of the Good Shepherd. Having completed my basic education, I joined the Province of Germany.


In Good Shepherd

I lived for eleven fruitful years in Germany.  During that time I completed studies:  Theology, MSW, MS in counseling psychology and specialized in various counseling techniques.  I worked in a challenging atmosphere with single mothers and people addicted to drugs. This powerful experience led me to return to India and work with people who are walking in the different challenging paths of life.


The Challenges

In the Congregation, I have been entrusted with various responsibilities. I was invited by several congregations and centers to give personal growth sessions on different topics, retreats and individual assistance through counseling, spiritual direction and discernment process.

As a professional counselor, Psychotherapist, Spiritual guide, Healer, Lover of humanity, creation, friend and companion to those who suffer and struggle physically, emotionally, mentally, spiritually, socially and economically.  I have been blessed tremendously by the guidance of Mother Mary and by my beneficiaries.

I met individuals/groups from various walks of life such as ‘broken families’, those ‘live in relationship’, ‘open relationship’, Religious and Priests in transition, young couples for marriage preparation, youth and students of various colleges.

Over the years I have been invited as Guest Speaker to a number of institutions, and participated in various Organizations working towards Justice, Peace and wholeness in people’s life and in creation.  I have participated in many Congregational sessions and meetings, and am currently a member of the Asia Pacific Spirituality Team.


The Inspiration

With a deep sense of Gratitude for the blessings I have received from the Almighty, I make sure that: ‘A Rejected and Pained will find a home within my circle’. I am a strong believer in ‘Law of attraction’, Forgiveness and Reconciliation, Peacemaking wherever possible and that Shtree Shakthi is Maha Shakthi. Taking example of Women in the Bible is a source of strength for me. What we cannot achieve through action, we can achieve through prayer and forgiveness. 

Accompanying people from various walks of life, who are struggling to cope with their life, became a great passion for me, especially those suffering from incurable diseases and those rejected by society. That formed me to be more and more compassionate, empathetic to people and creation.  I have been a friend and good guide to young people for several years; this journey was a time of chiseling, growth promoting for my real self.  Every struggle and pain may enable us to gain inner freedom and strength to accompany others. Encouraging everyone to cultivate the habit of Daily meditation has been one of the methods I use. 

My journey of life took me through various ups and downs but it always proved to me that the ‘Truth will set me free’.   

Presently, I have retired from travels and spend time at home for all those who need me.


My Vision: “May all people experience PEACE and WHOLENESS at all times”

My Mission:  People are spirit of my Life who contributed to my integral growth as a Good Shepherd sister.

My Prayer:  Thank you God, wonderful creator, I bow done before you and before your creation:

For all that has been and will be in my life.

You are carrying me on your Eagles wings.

 Thank You!


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