Entrusted with responsibilities...


My family lived in Jakarta and I was born there in 1967. My father was in the army and my mother was an elementary teacher. We are a Catholic family.  On my father’s side, our relatives are Moslems.  My mother came from a Catholic family and my father became a Catholic when he was studying in the college.

When I was young, with many friends, we joined a pilgrimage of Our Lady of Fatima every month from May to October, so I came to know Good Shepherd Sisters.  One day our priest in my parish spoke to us (youth activists) about prolife.  He spoke about the Mission of the Good Shepherd Sisters, taking care of life and taking care of children from broken families.

I was wondering about all this and wanted to know more.  One day I joined a day of  recollection for youth conducted by Good Shepherd Sisters and I felt that God was calling me. I participated in recollection days in the Good Shepherd convent three times.  Then I decided to join.

In Good Shepherd

I was attracted by the Mission of the Good Shepherd, especially services for women and children. 

I have been 23 years in the Congregation and have been involved in various ministries.  These include working with Single mothers, in a Home for girls, a Training Centre as a sewing teacher, with Factory workers. 

The Challenges

Now I am Principal of the elementary school in Jakarta.  Also I am a member of the Province Leadership Team.  This means that I am entrusted with very big responsibilities.  Also, I am studying management of education.  Sometimes these ministries feel too big for me and the pressure of having so much to do at the same time prevents me from being focussed.  But I am happy, so I try to do my best.

The Inspiration

Actually I am very happy to work on the Spirituality team because I also study theology.




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Good Shepherd Indonesia restructuring for Mission

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Partnership for Mission session in Indonesia

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